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2002.05.02, 03:55 PM
Hey nerdyboys!

I was reading the January issue of Car Action, when I cam across a test of Kyosho, Megatech and GPM Mini-Z hop-up parts. They souped up three Mini-Zs with each companies'parts.

They gave the GPM triple shock system the reward for the best rear suspension. It reined superior over the Kyosho $15 single w/o oil dampening and the Megatech single w/ dampening and threaded shock body for $30 or something.

Now the price for the little alloy shock sysem seemed WAY OVERPRICED for like $80 (w/ dampening) AND requiring the 50 some dooler mounter mount to use the system. Is it really worth the extra dollars? I'm planning on getting a GPM motor too so I'd end up with the motor mount anyway.

DUR :eek:

2002.05.02, 09:29 PM
First off, Megatech parts are the same as GPM, that entire article was completely stupid (e.g. "this is one trick pony" - complete misuse of the cliche). Megatech just sells purple anodized GPM parts at double the price. The triple shock system is very good, but expensive. However, if you are set on the GPM motor and mount, then maybe it's worth it.

T Man
2002.05.07, 07:54 PM
I have the triple shock set and all I can say is smooth baby!. It improves cornering a lot even without oil. IMO it is well worth the money.:)