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2007.07.09, 02:56 PM
Is it possible to run standard mini-z tires on the mini-z monster? My son likes this truck and I would like to get him something to race. However, the truck will climb the lane barriers with the large tires.


2007.07.09, 03:01 PM
short answer, no, and for many reasons. the diff housing on the rear axel is the hold up as well as the bracing on the front gearbox knuckles. whatever wheel options you examine have to provide clearance at these areas inorder for the truck to even roll.
the least of which standard mini-z tires are not nearly wide enough nor will the stretch enough to fit over a monster wheel.
check into foam tire options maybe as you can then true them down as far as you can get them and not restrict movement.

2007.07.26, 07:49 PM
do you mean by smaller tires?

2007.07.27, 05:57 AM
Like racer or Overland tires. Like arch2b posted, the biggest limit is that gearcase. Well you may get away with Overland tires, with one of the wheels drilled out to fit the diff hub. Not to mention spacers to take up the extra long spindles. I even tried racer sized tires on my Overland and found the clip on the gear cover was on the surface. One other thing to note here is smaller tires is just like running a small pinion, you want to find out how low something is geared. Put small tires on it and watch it crawl around like a snail. Racer wheels on the front can work, but it really look's funny.

I was looking forward to RCP tracks to develop a "Monster fence" for those of us that run these things. Even if it's just a clear plastic fence for the outer part of the track.