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2007.07.09, 08:09 PM
How heavy of grease do people who run the stock diff run? I have heard people run them competively but have never seen it first hand at our club.
I like the ball diff in my stock car but its not in the rc budget for a month or 2 for my f1 since the season is basically over till fall here. The f1 and the suspension upgrades have killed this months budget. 50 for a diff and cemaic balls is not possible right now.

Right now I have some kyosho gear grease in there? The diff stock was very very gritty so i ran it on a cordless drill each way to break it in an it now moves smooth. Any throtle even 10% inthe corners andi get throttle oversteer. Does 1/10thscale ball diff lubework better or does it need to be even heavier grease. 1/8th truggy diff grease run $10 a small jar around here. Question is how heavy if good to smooth out the diff action for a f1 3010 fet w xspeed motor so you can throttle out of the corner exit?

Thanks in advance.

2007.07.09, 09:46 PM
I use really thin grease. This is going to sound so cheap. (Well yes I am cheap :D ) I use trumpet slide grease. Although I don't play anymore I still use thre grease on my cars. The car seems to run really well into and out of the corners. I got a track recently and was able to really test the F1 and see what it could really do. So I oiled down the bearings and greased the diff and the car FLEW!!!! So maybe you can go out on a limb and try the redneck way. Or just buy a bunch of different greases and try all of them. Your bound to find one that works for you.

LAST WORD: I really like the thinner grease. It protects from binding and it isn't thick enough to take away power.

2007.07.10, 03:01 PM
I use the Tamiya Ceramic Grease in my stock AWD diff and with running an AWD X-speed the stock diffs have given me next to no trouble, other than repacking them after a few weeks of racing.

2007.07.10, 09:55 PM
well my suggestion would be to experiment with different kinds of grease, thick, thin and somewhere in between...

it would basically depend on what type of surface you run on and your driving style... you're bound to find something to your liking...

drove my mr01 with a grease packed gear diff a long time ago... was way too cool... :D

hope this helps...

p.s. the mid to thin type of grease will tend to "leak" out of the edges of the diff... and thus tend to become a bit messy and dirty after a couple of runs...

2007.07.11, 06:21 AM
My home track is RCP mini96 worn to dust free as it gets ~ 12 runs on it a week. The hobby shop has been a 3 wide l rcp setup.
I understand the service details of the grease, kyosho hobby grease has better then nothing at this time just do not know how thick people who say gear diffs can be competive run.

Right now its slower then my Hfay car with sedan due the waiting at corner exit to get back on the throttle due to the throttle oversteer. It defiantely needs heavier grease. With the ball diff I can hit the throttle at the apex and I just get a push as it accelerates.
Kyosho sells diff grease in 5000wt to 300000wt, It is $11 a shot and do not want to just close my eyes and shoot blindly at the ~20diff greases thicknesses.

2007.07.11, 11:53 PM
well try some old garage grease (you might find some in there)... or if you go to the gas station and ask for a tiny amount (bring along a small plastic container like the one used for 35mm film), they might give you some for free... good luck... :D