View Full Version : Atomic Discharger question

2007.07.10, 04:58 AM
Hi everybody.

I've bought an Atomic Discharger VII and I have a question about it.

Some time ago, I read about PN Racing Discharger, and some people was telling that, if you place a full charged cell into this discharger, you can easilly broke the discharger, because of the temperature the discharger can reach, so it could only be used with almost empty cells.

┐could this problem happen too with the Atomic discharger?
┐Can I discharge my full charged cells without any worries and then be able to do cycles with my new Atomic Discharger?

Thank you very much and I apologize for my english writting.

2007.11.05, 03:40 AM
It will overheat. I won't recommend you doing that. Just drain the batts on your car or 2x car light bulb to drain it faster then discharge it with your discharger.