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2007.07.10, 04:02 PM
My new and EXPENSIVE Kyosho Ball Diff is clicking on every rotation!! My GPM ball diff now runs smoother! I'm not a happy bunny as my GPM one is about 4/5 months old and my Kyosho one is not even a month old.

I've taken it apart and I can't see what the problem is. There was a little play in the cog though. Is there play in other Kyosho diff cogs?

Anyone have any advice on what it could be or how to find the problem. I miss my silent car!

2007.07.10, 04:40 PM
Are you sure it's the diff that's clicking? I usually find that the amount of sound my cars make has more to do with the motor and gear mesh. Some motors make more noise that others, and gear mesh problems can sometimes make clicking sounds. Make sure your pinion is full seated on the motor shaft, and that the part of the pinion that doesn't have teeth isn't hitting the spur gear.

2007.07.10, 04:49 PM
I have had a small chip of metal between the teeth of the spur gear once... was really hard to see, but it was definitely what was causing the clicking.

2007.07.11, 04:49 PM
I noticed it making more noise than usual and put aside an hour or so to fix it. I did so much testing and pulling apart. I am 100% it's the diff because when I installed my GPM one, it went silent again...

Cheers lads. I'll take a closer look at the teeth...

If anyone else has any further suggestions then please put them forwards. Cheers in advance! :D

2007.07.12, 12:21 AM
clean out your teeth with a toothbrush...

well that's what i would usually do.... :D

seriously... i get an old used toothbrush and clean the pinion and spur gear to make sure that it's all clean... :D

hope this helps...

2007.07.12, 02:08 PM
I use a toothbrush as well. They are great for those hard to reach places and dont leave lint like paper towels :D

The kyosho diff not being as smooth as a GPM is really odd to me. Im following along, because if its not something in the teeth (I had to restrain myself from saying 'tooth decay' :D) I want to know what it is. Good luck figuring it out, and let us know what you find.

2007.07.12, 03:02 PM
Well, I've still had no luck and I am truley am amazed by it being like this... I'll try the tooth brush thing a little later on and I'll keep you posted. :) Thanks again and I am still open to suggestions as I miss my silent car!

2007.07.12, 05:14 PM
Check the pinion gear too... I have had alloy pinion gears hit motor screws at the allen socket on the pinion itself. If you're running a stock gear, check for hang-offs of flash plastic from the forming process.

You know... I have also heard cars do this with a single (or two) broken spur gear tooth as well, check those gears carefully.

If it's an internal ball diff issue... I have no idea what could be clicking, usually they either work, or whine when slipping.

2007.07.12, 05:41 PM
Ooo, no no - it's not slipping. It's shy of locked and hasn't budged since I put it there. I'm truly puzzled. Silly sod here has taken it apart and has no C clip to put it back together!! Can you believe that?! Well, you probably can, but all the same: I've cleaned the teeth now and I am positive it's not the pinion as I changed from a 8 to 7 then to 6 and 9 to have the same problem right across the board. It's certainly 100% the diff - just why. WHY oh WHYYY!? :(

2007.07.12, 08:44 PM
check the washer the balls ride on.......it must be flat

2007.07.13, 02:09 AM
If the spur gear teeth are all good, I'm at a loss.

Could the armature in the motor be causing it by hitting the can?... I would guess not in this case. (highly rare, and doesn't sound like clicking.) Something on the other side of the diff, at the left rear wheel? (extremely rare, and usually doesn't generate a click... more like a wheel falling off) Bearings in the mount.... nahhh can't be!

Bearing plate, could cause an audible click but I would think it would have to have a heck of a divot in it right where the bearings ride. And I would think that it would only do it on turns if it was flat bearings... or at least be more noticeable. Hmmm... could be... :o

I'm still betting it's a busted or bent (yes, this can happen too) spur gear tooth. Make sure the gear teeth are all in good shape (look from side profile)... you can get one that even "leans" a bit, this can cause a click too.

Someone standing behind you making clicking noises when you drive it ?

Once again... at a loss, let us know what you find!

Because... that's why oh why! ;)