View Full Version : TIM Johnson-got a question

2007.07.12, 08:11 PM
Tim, i was wondering if you could pass on to somone at Kyosho.....why they dont start putting the motor screw holes in there stock and x-speed motors? Most of us like there motors, but have aluminum motor mounts. Would make it eaisier for all. Thanks.

2007.07.13, 02:20 AM
Sounds like someone's gearing up for HFAY...

Might be more of a question for Mabuchi though.

2007.07.13, 03:04 AM
cool suggestion... :D
or you could try doing them yourself... i think i've seen somebody do that before... looked like lots of work too... but i figure it's quite easy...

2007.07.13, 10:35 PM
You can do it yourself, but it would be nice to have them there already. ;)

2007.07.26, 07:54 PM
yeah as what lfisminiz said