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2007.07.13, 11:26 AM
I got a couple of new ASCs from Hobby Japan. Took out some of my others and had a little photo shoot yesterday afternoon. Here are the results.






















Here is my audley RPMz from WalMart.


2007.07.13, 12:02 PM
All of those autoscales look great, you lucked out finding the Calsonic R-34.. Those bodies are hard to find, like any of the Supra's(Dynacity-Woodone). I see that your'e Audi suffers from the dreaded Monster-truck ride height "syndrome".. Mine was the same way, I just popped off the body clips w/a small flat-headed screwdriver and re-glued them.. I also put spacers under the front body clip to fix mine. Turned out pretty good.. Sits nice and low now..

2007.07.13, 02:13 PM
The NSX test car and the A4 are B-E-A-U-TIFAL!

2007.07.13, 02:24 PM
great photos. I'm a fan of great body pics. See my gallery and this thread for some great detail shot that I have taken of my bodies.

briankstan's Gallery (http://mini-zracer.com/mini-zgallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=5912)

Kyosho Bodies (incredible detail photos) (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24428&highlight=detail+pictures)

2007.07.16, 09:22 AM
TALLGEESE, Im going to be working on this 'donk' edition audi before I even see what it looks like on a chassis. I cant believe it sits this high on the dummy chassis. Ive had quite a few I wasnt happy with, but thats just ridiculous. Ive seen some pics in one of the "post pics of your..." with it sitting at a reasonable level, so I went ahead and got one to try my hand at getting it low.

Programmers - Im loving the test body. It was my first NSX shell, and it really rides nice. Its wide and low, and only 94mm which is my prefered length. I got the takata to run on my mod AWD. Hopefully it handles as well at higher speeds :D

brian - Ive been following your detailed pics thread and check your gallery fairly regularly. Im very impressed with a lot of the pics youve posted, and try and achieve some of the same 'art' in my pictures. The different angles and close-up pics really give you a feel for the detail of the car, a lot more so than the common 3/4 shots anyway.

2007.07.17, 09:00 AM

I really like the reflections in these.


And these two angles just really show of the shape of this car.


Then there is the new wheels for the stock AWD and the takata on my mod AWD.





And my favortie, I guess, I dont really know, how can I pick a fave.....:P






2007.07.17, 01:44 PM

Did you make an order with out telling me looks like a lot of new autoscales!!!!
I hate ya got that Skyline I am still looking for one. :mad: :mad:
hope to see ya friday!!

2007.07.17, 09:14 PM
really cool pics... what kind of camera do you use? wish i could take some nice pics...

2007.07.18, 02:42 PM
2EZ - When I first saw it I felt bad about buying it because I knew you have been looking longer than me. Im glad you didnt press me for it because I would have sold it to you that first week. The more I look at it the happier I am that I have it :lol: IDK how much Ill run it (if at all) until I find another one though. Still have my fingers crossed on those white bodies :D

herman - I use an optimus stylus 720 now. Its a great little camera and Ive taken some pretty amaxing (to me) pictures with it. I dont think its really about the camera though. Its about lighting, practice, patience, and knowing the camera. I used to use a $200 tiny digital camera. I took tons of pics with it (in the thousands) and had some of what I would consider art gallery quality pics. This camera is in the <$400 and also fits in my pocket. Its a lot less of a cameraa than a lot of the pics you see on this site, but I compensate by taking a lot of pictures, taking them with a certain set of parameters (from camera settings to breathing patterns), and always having an adequate amount of light (but well placed and not too much :D). Just like driving, modding, and tuning, with patience and practice comes perfection. If you ever have any questions about how I get my pictures shoot me an email. Photography is another love of mine, but Ive never had the luxury of a 'real' digital camera. Ive learned a lot over the years about getting the most out of pocket sized cameras and will be glad to share.

2007.07.31, 04:37 AM
I dont think its really about the camera though. Its about lighting, practice, patience, and knowing the camera.
ya i think i know what you mean... not to brag but i've taken cool pics too... i've been wanting to learn how to use my camera... and most if it is like what you said... practice, and knowing what settings to use for certain situations... thanks for the offer as i might have some questions...

what settings did you use for the pics above? for me i would put it in macro mode and open the apparature a bit to allow for more light... is that right?

hmm... maybe better yet maybe you can post a "how to take pics of your cars" thread... :D

sorry to be off topic...

2007.08.01, 02:21 PM
For those pics I didnt have to allow for more light intake. I took them outside, but in a shady spot. I gt my best results that way. For indoor pics its a toss up between adding lighting, allowing for it in the camera settings, or letting the "auto levels" command on photoshop lighten it back up. My preference is adding light. Ill start a thread as there are a lot of great photographers on this site that could add tons of input. I may not get around to a write up today, but in the near future......

2007.08.02, 12:37 AM
thanks... :D

2007.08.18, 04:29 PM
Nice choice of background! Looks like your at a miny car show!

2007.08.19, 06:07 PM
Great pics hrdrvr - may we use some of them? Also, I'd love to see a pics how-to if you get a chance! :)

2007.08.20, 08:53 AM
marc - Thanks! Thats the look I was going for.

Great pics hrdrvr - may we use some of them? Also, I'd love to see a pics how-to if you get a chance! :)

You can use my pics anytime. Id be hondored :D Ill get on the how to when I get a chance.