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2002.05.02, 07:52 PM
Anyone have any expierence with the megatech motor that is a direct fit, It has 21 turns. I am thinking of picking one up. Any comments?

2002.05.02, 08:16 PM
Its not a direct fit to the stock motor pod, it is how ever a direct fit if you already have the special motor mount that goes with the that motor.

If it does infact 21 turns then your going to need to get a trubo with it becasue I think NML said that anything less than 40 somthing can and will fry your ESC...

2002.05.02, 08:25 PM
im talking about this motor ***************** It didnt say it required anything. Oh well. What is the mount i would need?

2002.05.02, 09:02 PM
Does it list the part number?? if it is the torque & speed motor, you don't need anything else, it is in a regular motor can with the GPM style holes drilled. If it is just the torque, or just the speed motor, though, then you will need a GPM motor mount with the screw-hold mounts for the motor.

I believe the part number for the torque/speed motor is MZ040 or something like that, don't know if megatech's #'s are different from GPM's.

2002.05.02, 09:12 PM
Yes its high speed and torque.

2002.05.02, 10:25 PM
ZeroSanity, no links to competitor sites please. :) And don't waste your money on the Megatechs, stick with an X-Speed or get one of our custom motors (coming soon) or an NML.

2002.05.03, 06:35 AM
sorry bout that, just wanted everyone to see which motor it was. So your saying the 21T speed/torque megatech motor is worse than an X-speed? How many turns is the X-speed?