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2007.07.15, 03:09 PM
Hello Tim.
I know you have already done the Lancia Delta WRC body on the AWD chassis, but how about re-releasing all the other famous WRC cars's on AWD chassis? I beleive most if not all in Groupe A were AWD. Car's like the Subaru WRX obviously, Mitsubishi Evo, Peugeot 206, Ford Focus ZX3, Citroen Xara, Ford RS 2000, am I missing any others? Renault Magena Maxi.
I am a big, big WRC fan and I hate the fact that Speed Channel no longer broad casts it, thank god for YouTube!
Anyway, please re-release the WRC car's on the AWD chassis!

2007.07.15, 09:10 PM
I would have to second that request.

2007.07.16, 09:33 AM
Personally, I think it would be better just to have the ASCs re-released. I would love to have some of the ones you mentioned, but dont need any more AWD chassis :P

2007.07.16, 10:23 AM
I can see these WRC AWD's being packaged as a ready set with the box covered in rally scenes and possibly the WRC logo.
Either way, Kyosho should re-release all the WRC car's they produced and add more to the collection. As stated, the Citroen Xara would be sweet as would the Renault Magane. Groupe B car's would be nice as well. And please, let's keep this thread ONLY FOR WRC rally car's! Let's not make this another I want so and so.

2007.07.26, 07:53 PM
they are basically the same as AWD mini-z ma-010

2007.07.27, 08:08 AM
they are basically the same as AWD mini-z ma-010
:confused: not really sure what your responding to or what your answer is ment suggest?

if your trying to say new releases do not need to be on awd chassis's, then you are correct. they could jsut as easily be released on the mr-015 HOWEVER, you will immediately see posts popping up declaring kyosho to be (insert your adjective of choice) for putting an awd body on a non-awd chassis. it's easier to avoid that by simply selling them as awd kits and general autoscales as they currently due with awd bodies. :)

2007.07.27, 09:42 AM
Personally, I'd love to see a special addition chassis kit released as well as the bodies.

Maybe something that gives us 2-4mm more ground clearance at the knuckles. Looking at my chassis now, it seems theoretically possible.
1. Drop the lower knuckle carriers a little lower so that they protrude down from the bottom of the chassis a bit.
2. Move the tie rod pins up a little higher on the knuckles and make that pin just a little longer. That should allow for steering through out the suspension movement without having to make them stick down too low under the chassis.
3. Last, maybe make a thin snap in chassis cover to keep out the dirt and rocks. Not sure if this part is doable, but the idea seems sound.

Since the dogbones (CVDs) sit parallel to the ground stock, they should be able to handle a little bit more down travel.
The lower chassis cover could be optional since I imagine most people will still be using them indoors. I'd like to see some RCP Rally-style tracks pop up. :cool:

I don't know, it's late and I'm tired. I hope that made sense. It's just wishful thinking after all. :D