View Full Version : touge track

2007.07.16, 01:02 PM
has anyone ever done something like a mountain touge track? It would be hard but there could be a board on an angle and then you would have to sculpt the roads out in some way with all the barriers and stuff. But if it was successful it would definitely be a cool track.

Old Crow
2007.07.16, 03:10 PM
This is something me and a friend did before with RCP Track, it can work very well(of course, too much over/under can cause line of sight problems). I'm actually surprised you don't hear more about people doing this with RCP and Mini-z's, it brings a whole new dynamic to the racing. I always thought this might be one of the next big developments for the RCP track, creating supports to do something like this.

2007.07.16, 03:27 PM
wow if you have pics could you post them?

Old Crow
2007.07.17, 01:24 PM
Sorry, we never took pictures of it. Set it up for a couple of days and took it down.