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2007.07.16, 05:43 PM
We have the Kyosho foam track with high grip side up.
I personally liked the smooth side. with 20's rear and 30's front.
But I have no say so on how track is set up.
Now with the high grip side I have 30's rear and stock in the front, seems to be the best that way. (but now I get a little push)
With 30's in the front the steering was way twitchy and the front would hook and I would spin out.
Should I try 40's or 50's in the front?
What toe plate should I be running?
Front spring?

My car used to be dialed until they flipped the track over.
The steering is to sensitive...I messed with expo and dual rate on radio but that didn't do much for me.

Any help would be great....thanks

2007.07.16, 06:36 PM
Well I would try 30's in the rear and 40's in the front. If the usually RCP set up (20's rear 30's front) doesn't work than go with something else; what I suggested. Use a softer spring in the front so the front end stays down. Kyosho red in the front and Kyosho green in the rear. About the toe end I can't help you.

Maybe you need a new potentiometer?

Just experiment. ;)