View Full Version : Wanted: Overland RTR

2007.07.16, 11:46 PM
I want a rtr overland thats in pretty good shape. I have cash in hand and a pay-pal account. Email me at driftsilvia92@yaho.com Thanks!

2007.07.17, 12:12 AM
You have mail.

2007.07.17, 12:49 AM
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Also, the shop here has many rtr overlands in stock. The Land Cruiser, X5, H2, Harrier, Cayenne Turbo and the F-150 are all in stock. The prices are very reasonable and the shipping is very fast. I'm not sure if you are willing to spend a little more money to get your OL brand new, but I would. Good luck and welcome to the forums.

2007.07.19, 11:46 AM
i want a used one too.. anyoen got?

2007.07.21, 12:45 PM
i want a used one too.. anyoen got?

I do. Hummer Red. Never been on dirt. includes the kyosho spring set and XMOD off road tires...contact me. .

2007.07.21, 09:39 PM
how much would u sell for as your cheapest?

2007.07.31, 11:43 PM
i posted an overland in this forum, that has everything you could possibly want with an overland...