View Full Version : Power/Quality of i-series board

Old Crow
2007.07.18, 08:27 AM
Sorry if I missed it, but I have not seen a definitive(sp?) answer on if the i-series board has the same quality of communication, power, speed and servo compared to the other products. I know it does not have a break, but would I know the difference otherwise ? I've seen different opinions, but not any consitency on the product.(maybe I just answered my own question?)

2007.07.18, 10:59 AM
i guess it's subjective really until someone does quantitative testing.

i personally don't see any difference.

2007.07.18, 09:03 PM
About the only fair comparo I can give is the i series board next to the original MR01 board. Both of these have no brakes, as well as the 3004 fets. The MR01 board is an early run and I had to rework the servo connections so the servo would work. From running them both it is hard to tell them apart performance wise. I think that there may be a slight range issue with the i series boards. The range issue can be fixed with a slightly longer wire car antenna. I ran all of them with the same KT-2 transmitter. The KT-5's are still packed away in the boxes.

It is hard to compare output to the motor as the motors are different on each car.

The i series sets are very good for the cheaper price in my opinion. It is in some ways better than the first run MR01 boards.