View Full Version : mini-z home tracks and how to build

2007.07.18, 09:15 PM
i am goint to put a mini-z track in my house and was wondering what some good building materials would be i was thinking one inch pvc and that foam puzzle piece stuff

or i was going to use an rcp two L track or something similar which is the best rcp system or somthing similar
and was wondering which was better

si an mr-02 stock fine

2007.07.18, 09:36 PM
Buy RCP... PVC walls will force you to buy a new body every 10 laps, thus costing more...

2007.07.19, 12:39 AM
I would agree with Draconious on buying the RCP. I tried the same tile setup with various dividers and ended up breaking/cracking a few bodies and other parts on my car. RCP is a lot easier on the car and worth the extra money.

So far as racing a stock MR-02, it is good but it depends on if you are racing against others or just by yourself. I would suggest tires regardless of this to improve handling and traction. If you are racing others bearings and a differential. Use the search option as there are many threads on this subject.

2007.07.19, 08:51 AM
I use the WalMart foam tiles at my house with foam borders and I dont hurt any bodies any more than RCP would. That shouldnt be your reasoning for discounted the tiles, just dont use hard barriers.

RCP however is a far superior running surface. If I had the money for it I would have jumped at it. Personally I will be investing in the Wide L set ups so that I can join in on HFAY, but the mini96 is a good size for indoor use if you dont have room/$$$ for two wide Ls.

Good luck!

2007.07.19, 08:53 AM
He was going to use PVC... PVC pipe is hell on the mini-z paint.. even with the clear coat, which is basically mini-z armor.

2007.07.19, 09:46 AM
I have a setup at my place that uses foam tiles and pvc but I cover my PVC in foam pipe insulators. They slide right onto the PVC and provide a good cusion for crashes. If you end up going the foam tile route, make sure you get some really sticky tires. I've found that I have to use the supergrip 15 degree tires in the front and back in order to get decent traction for running a stock miniz.

2007.07.19, 10:18 AM
He was going to use PVC... PVC pipe is hell on the mini-z paint.. even with the clear coat, which is basically mini-z armor.

I totally agree with PVC not being a good choice. It really shouldnt even be considered a choice without some type of soft material covering it.

Ruling out PVC doesnt rule out the foam tiles. Thats the point I was trying to make. Sorry if it wasnt clear enough.