View Full Version : WTB: Mini-Z AWD upgrade set for my Mini-Z AWD stock

2007.07.19, 11:46 AM
1. Jamie Wong
2. Canada, Ontario
3. dreamfades@hotmail.com
4. I need a new body.
5. $10 to $40.

I need an upgrade set for my miniz stock awd.. anyone got a used set?

2007.07.19, 03:48 PM
upgrade set???? what's that?

2007.07.20, 02:28 PM
LIKE parts that can be used for my miniz awd stock like i know pro might have some for sale

2007.07.20, 03:15 PM
can you please be a bit more specific in which parts you are looking for? your request is vague to the point of being unintelligible.

2007.07.20, 05:40 PM
like an upgrade set for my miniz awd.. u know some mini-z professionals? they tend to have some parts from their miniz and im looking to buy it from them cheap

2007.07.20, 05:46 PM
we are confused because there is nothing call and 'upgrade set.'

if your just looking for some upgrade parts, please list some suggestions, such as ball diff, aluminum knuckles, tie rods, drive shafts, etc, etc.

2007.07.20, 06:18 PM
i think i need any upgrade set peices for my miniz awd.. since it is a stock miniz and i need stuff for it..

2007.07.20, 10:03 PM
Why...what's wrong with it?

If you could be specific about what you're looking for, maybe someone can help you out.

For example, are you looking for motors that can run on stock or upgraded fets?

Are you looking for alloy steering bits to strengthen/add some precision to the front end?

you see where this is going? ;)

2007.07.20, 10:06 PM
it must be a language barrier issue as he keeps referring to 'upgrade set' which means nothing to us.

i can only assume he is looking for used upgrade parts however what parts still remains a mystery.

2007.07.22, 02:38 PM
I think I may now know what he's asking for, but not quite sure, Topcad sells something call and upgrade set, which consist of all 3 alumnium motor mounts front and rear aluminum toe bars and a ball diff

2007.07.22, 05:33 PM
But in his first post, on number 4, it says he needs a new body. I am confused aswell.