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2007.07.20, 08:26 AM
Name: Bob T
Location: Lapeer, MI
Email: ratjr21@yahoo.com
Price: $200 shipped to lower 48

AWD mini Z MA010 Package

Well, Ive had this car for about 6 months. Ive run it around a track a couple times (literally, I can only think of 3 occasions where Ive run it), but never actually raced it. I had planned on it, just cant find the time.
This would be a great platform to set up a HFAY stock car.
Im looking to get rid of it so I can purchase a Wii.
The following is most of what Ive put on the car:
Grey/Blue SP chassis w/ gold contacts
Titanium hex-head screw kit
Front and rear Atomic composite ball diffs w/ thrust bearings
Atomic motor cover w/ air scoop
Atomic SP driveshafts
19 tooth aluminum pinion
White PN LD springs in front, green in back
Ball bearings all around
Aluminum locknuts
Stock motor
The following is what will be included off the car:
Calsonic 350Z body (GREAT shape)(w/ nose plate)
Old Skyline GTR body (cracked, shown in pics, but works fine)(w/ nose plate)
PN Speedy NM motor (works w/ stock fets and is FAST)
Kyosho X-Speed V motor (hardly used)
PN aluminum rims (+3 rear W, +2.5 front N; 350z style)
PN low down spring set
1 set of 4 skyline wheels
Multiple 350z wheels w/ multiple offsets
Lay-down crystal adaptor
Multiple different type/ compound/ brand tires
Multiple pinions/spurs/ AL pinions
Lots of misc. bearings
Most stock parts
Bottle of comm.. drops.
KT-5 Radio

2007.07.31, 11:00 AM