View Full Version : Overland Problem

2007.07.21, 08:36 AM
Hi everybody...

I'm new to this forum, just got me a Overland.... But i got a problem...

The car wont go forward or reverse. But the steering is OK... The Mosfet's are ok ... What can the problem be ? I'm not using the original control btw...


2007.07.21, 01:31 PM
check the motor screws, if they're loose they will also do that, of course make sure you don't have broken motor wire, if not that then try a different remote

2007.07.21, 02:28 PM
The screws were good when I took it off... Can it be that the motor is broken ?

2007.07.21, 04:01 PM
I got the car running.. Have no idea what was the problem :P

Thanks... :)

2007.07.21, 10:12 PM
I've also seen problems like this when the motor starts to die, I would probably invest in a new motor or risk burning up the fets and we all know that won't be good