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2007.07.21, 01:26 PM
I have been interested in the f1 for quite a while but never got around to buying one because there isnt a lot of info on them. I had though of making a super high speed one because they handle so much better and the body probably does generate moderate amounts of down force to make high speed handling somewhat possible. It was all just an idea but I still want to do it but I want to know what kind of speeds you guys are getting and if you think they can handle more with ease. I was going to put aaa li-on's, spider v3, and chili in it. My main concern was having room although at the time they didnt have the super small v3. Any ideas? Is it worth a try? I have all but the spider and the f1 but I could probably get one whenever I wanted if people think its a good idea.

2007.07.21, 03:39 PM
I like your thinking but I'd have to say you may want to consider keeping it at 4.8volts...aaa li-ions don't really push out that much of a discharge rate and have much in the way of runtime. you'd be better off, both for runtime and overall speed, to stay with quality NiMH's. ;)

As for fitting a spider v3, it could be done...I've made a Nelly Evo fit and it ran super strong(until I scavenged the board for something else).

2007.07.22, 02:21 AM
I love my F1, however I have never been able to run laps faster than my MR-02 or MA-010. I know there are F1 guys on this board that will tell you otherwise and I look forward to there commentary!


2007.07.22, 06:55 AM
My F1 "feels" slower but I think when I have both dialed in my F1 turns faster laps than my MR02.

2007.07.22, 03:06 PM
I know in an F1 race, the action seems alot faster due to the open wheel aspect, but technically speaking... the cars shouldn't be any faster.

Cowboysir is right on there too... buy a good set of Nimh AAAs. Much more consistent power to be had there.

I always recommend leaving a car near stock for a while to get good at driving it first (better tires of course)... then, if you feel the need, and have a bunch of freinds willing to do the same to theirs... go ahead and Mod away. Our F1 class is usually around 6 or 7 drivers, all running stock boards, and it's quite a handful at times driving-wise. Sure it would be alot messier if we were all running turbos and such.

If speed is your thing, go for it. But if you're racing with an already established club... well, I just hope you don't get stuck with a car that nobody will want to race against. (Over-powered lawn dart scenario)

2007.07.22, 07:30 PM
What sets the F1 apart from other Z's, I feel, is the agility. I've found that I'm able to sustain higher cornering speeds with my F1. I've 'chased' an open class F1 car around in an open class 02. The overall speeds are close, the F1 just seemed to have an easier time holding its line, while it seemed that I had to drive to the limit to keep up.

Specs-wise, the F1's got a longer wheelbase, wider track, larger contact patch and lower CG compared to an 02, stock for stock, so it's going to have a performance advantage there, IMO.

Cowboysir's got a nice F1 project going a couple of threads down from here, his advice will be pretty good on this matter.

2007.07.23, 12:49 AM
Oh yeah... you can nail corners alot harder with the F1s, but the straightline speed should be no different from the racer chassis.