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2007.07.21, 10:14 PM
Location:Hacienda Heights, California
Contact: Noelisaacm@Yahoo.com or Thread
-1 Ueno Clinic Mclaren f1 3010 FET ready set with Atomic Mods ceramic bearings and TI Allen head screw set. $170 Plus shipping
-1 black Test Ferrari Enzo readyset with 3010 FET w/ Ceramic bearings and TI screw set. $170 plus shipping
-1 MA010 White Nissan Skyline r34 3010 FET w/ Ceramic bearings and TI screw set. $175 plus shipping
-1 Overland readyset w/ Silver Toyota Landcruiser body comes with PN speedy 05 motor. $90 firm plus shipping
-1 MiniZ Monster ready set w/ complete bearings, Blue Alloy wheel nuts, X-speed motor, Front/Rear Kyosho Oil dampers. $120 plus shipping
-2 BrandNew Spider v3.0 External Turbo. Firm $80 plus shipping for both OR $40 EA plus shipping.

-All of the following will be shipped with extra parts and original boxes EXCEPT the Miniz Monster does not have original box. I accept Paypal

Both MR02 are Basically new and opened with Newly installed hop-ups they were literally dusted off and removed from the shelves they sat on being displayed. The MA010 was run less than 2 sets of batteries. Both Miniz OL and Monster are in great condition being an 8.5 out of 10. Both Spider v3.0 have never been installed and still in original ziploc bags. I Bought all of the following with the intentions of racing but due to current situations I am selling for the lack of time from being a full-time student and part-time job and lack of finances to finish building them.

2007.07.22, 07:22 AM

You need a minimum of 50 posts to sell in this section.


2007.07.22, 03:43 PM
I had emailed Byebye beforehand and he said it was ok as long as it was to stay Mini-z related.

2007.07.22, 03:52 PM

I just saw that note from ByeBye. Good luck selling your stuff.


2007.07.23, 07:51 PM
Email sent... And you forgot the .ca on your email

2007.07.23, 08:23 PM
My Email is Noelisaacm@yahoo.COM hopefully you didn't send it to Canadian Email address :)

2007.07.24, 01:50 AM
hey isaac,

will you ship to canada? I live in vancouver. :)

2007.07.24, 11:57 PM
I've never had to ship anything to canada but I am willing, just let me know what you are interested in.