View Full Version : Aristo-Craft Motor

2007.07.31, 03:57 PM
Our group has been attempting to get new people into the hobby. Our lowner cars get used quite a bit so I was looking for a possible low-cost replacement motor.

At the hobby shop we sell small Aristo-Craft motors for projects. They state they are for 1.5 to 3volts. They sell for $3 USD so I thought what they heck I'd try them. The trouble is they perform closer to an X-Speed than a stock motor. (yea like that's a bad thing -LOL!)

Has anyone else tried these? The part number is FA-130.

pomme de terre
2007.08.02, 01:37 PM
Do they have copper brushes rather than carbon ones? If they do they will probably burn out pretty fast

2007.08.02, 05:57 PM
I am not sure of the brushes as I have not pulled them to check. I have an hour or so of run time on the oldest and it is running great. $3 is less than I am used to paying for a set of brushes for my 1/10th scale. If they don't last long but are fast for a few weeks I'll be happy. My biggest fear was they would fry my ESC. So I mounted it in my older MR01 to test. So far, so good.