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2007.07.23, 08:35 PM
Brought the wide inside and 45 kits from Kyosho (France) and we're gutted!!! The sob story is....... all our existing track (5 wide L's and 40 blanks) has been shipped from America in the past,we had been trying to buy these extras from either RCP or Tiny for the last 12 months but they wouldn't or couldn't send to the UK...
See the following images:
One (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=22821)
Two (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=22822)
Three (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=22820)

The 30cm tracks that come out of our factory are all the same, no matter what country you buy them from.

This is not the case with the 50cm tracks. The link pattern is opposite on all 50cm tracks coming out of Kyosho, Japan. We manufacture a conversion set that will convert from Kyosho, Japan 50cm tracks to all others. We sent a bunch of these conversion tiles to our Spain distributor who requested them for their customers that might have purchased from Kyosho, Japan.

I can manufacture some conversion tiles for England, if needed. How many do you need? Remember, you will need a conversion set to go from Kyosho, Japan to USA and from USA back to Kyosho, Japan if you have the tiles mixed. It is best to group the USA tiles together and the Japan tiles together, that way you may only need (2) sets of conversion tiles. The conversion tiles are two tiles wide. Basically two side straight rail tiles together to make one row of tiles. One link end is Kyosho Japan and the opposite side is USA.

There is no logical reason why Kyosho Japans 50 cm track tile links are opposite the rest of the worlds. It's just how they came out of the factory at the time and it was too late to change, when it was discovered. The tile link pattern change was not a request by Kyosho, Japan. It was done by our factory.

We have 1 Kyosho Japan 45 kit and 1 Kyosho Japan inside corner kit. I can understand how the conversion pieces work for the 45 kit as that will always be laid together, the inside corners however can be in 4 separate places on the track so I don't understand how the conversion pieces work? Are there any pictures? Or how many we would need?...

It was only on Sunday when we tried to put the layout together we discovered the differences. A couple of days after ordering these though Kyosho France we discovered your outlet in Spain and ordered and have received 2 RCP-Outside kits.... no problems fitting these.

Yes, the large radius inside turns are difficult to convert, since you have half the lane with opposite links. I must say, your set up offers something no one else has and that is a different traction spec on the inside area of the turn. This adds a little excitement in the turns as there is less traction with the smooth side. Some guys here in the US, would pay extra for that type of set up. :)

I think in the case of the inside turns, the best thing to do is to get new large radius inside turns from the Spain distributor. Since we are sending you some conversion tiles for the 45's, maybe we could work out something to get you the inside turn parts in USA link patterns. Send me your shipping address at tracksales@sbcglobal.net. I will see what the factory can do in this case.

hmm...so if I understand it correctly, the Japan track (45 & inside corners) have smooth surfaces on both sides? or are they molded in a way that you can't use the rough side of the track?...

As Brian says above the Kyosho track we have here is identical to RCP with both surfaces, however unfortunately has been cut upside down, so we can't connect it to RCP using the brushed surface up the same as the rest of the track. We have had to turn the tiles over and use the smooth side on the Kyosho pieces to get them to join to the RCP!...
No reply required.

...In any case, it is a shame there wasn't the info easily available before buyers purchase the kits. If your average guy who didn't frequent the forums came across this problem and went to Kyosho Europe, would they have dealt with it?...
All Kyosho distributors outside of the US, buy from Kyosho, Japan. It's only a problem if someone from Europe buys one set of tracks from a Kyosho Japan distributor and one set from a USA distributor. I can't see it happening too often, as most people buy their track pieces from the same dealer/distributor in their own country or surrounding country. We don't have very many kits shipping from USA to Europe, as shipping costs are way to expensive. It is rare when USA tracks get shipped overseas. Spain is the only country that has a lot of RCP Tracks manufactured with the USA pattern. Out of all their sales in the last two years, they have only had 3 customers that needed the conversioin kits.

...So are Kyosho USA Mini Z Grand Prix Circuit 50 tracks the RCP US pattern or the Europe/Japan pattern, just to clarify?...
The Mini-Z Grand Prix Circuit 50 track is a kit sold by Kyosho, Japan and their
distributors. It is not sold in the USA.