View Full Version : FS: AutoScale Lexus SC430 Open Interface

Old Crow
2007.08.10, 01:36 PM
FS: AutoScale Lexus SC430 Open Interface

Name:Carl O'Keefe
Location:Blakeslee, PA
Description:AutoScale Lexus SC430 Open Interface
Price:$32 Shipped

Brand new, never opened. Will ship to U.S.A. only. U.S.P.S. Priority Mail(add $2 for insurance). For Payment, Paypal only.

Old Crow
2007.08.22, 09:14 AM
Dropped price, any takers ?

2007.08.23, 07:36 AM
I think Im a taker. My dad has been looking for another one of these. Ill talk to him and let you know by lunch time.

Old Crow
2007.08.23, 10:41 AM
Have a little problem, thought I could send a Autoscale First Class, but it is too heavy. Price is now $32 shipped, which is still a great deal. Priority Mail, $2 for insurance, if you want it.

Old Crow
2007.08.29, 07:52 AM
Find a better deal for a new SC430 Autoscale, brand new, shipped, (other then private seller, need to see proof)and I will drop the price.