View Full Version : Palm runner/racer?

2002.05.04, 07:59 AM
Ok does anyone have one of these things, supposedly the little sister of the Mini Z but I dont know if I want one. And more importantly, is it definitley impossible to change the crystals to change the frequencies? Please help me!

2002.05.04, 10:28 AM
not impossible to change the crystals... you'll just need some soldering.... but y get a palm runner?? they are for kids, get the racer, it's well worth the $$ and a lot more fun..

2002.05.04, 11:16 AM
I am considering a Z, but i need some proper racing with some friends so the cars need to be of a similar spec. they dont have the cash for a Z and there are no clubs for joining as i dont reckon its a big thing here in the UK. Ill probably end up with both anyway im just thinking of how large my track needs to be to accomodate for the higher speeds of the Z racer. what is the speed of each like in comparison wth each other?

2002.05.04, 04:43 PM
The Mini-Z will top out at about 9mph stock I believe. I read that in a RC car magazine once.

2002.05.04, 08:43 PM
JustVisiting, honestly don't bother with the Palm Runner, just go straight for the Z. If you get a Palm Runner, it will just make you want the Z even more, and you'll have spent money you could have put towards the Z.

2002.05.05, 04:05 AM
Ok you guys, I have seen the pics of some of your projects, and ill keep you updated when i get my Mini Z of what i get. My first project is hopefully gonna be an Escort RS Cosworth so ill add some pics hopefully within a month. Thanks for the pointers!!!

2002.05.05, 10:12 AM
JustVisiting, can't wait for the Cozzie - not from Essex then are you? ;) :D

2002.05.05, 11:05 AM
see now theres the problem.... i aint old enough for a real one. Nah, my mates cant afford Z racers:mad: and its no fun to race and kick ass so its gonna be modded palm runners. dont worry the cossie project is still going ahead. atm i have a 1/24 scale rally car ill haev to see when my Z8 arrives! nope im birmingham!!