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2007.08.10, 10:23 PM
Would I be able to convert my mr-01 into an awd buy using my mr-01's radio and servo. and buying an awd rolling chassis. Has anyone done something like this?

2007.08.10, 11:58 PM
cheaper to buy a readyset

2007.08.11, 03:00 AM
I will only add, it would be too much of a hassle to change over. The AWD MA010 servo is so convoluted and difficult to mess with next to the MR01's servo box. Like Drac posted, I agree better to buy one already built. Changing out the chassis you learn how fast that the servo can become a mess. It will take time and money, and you will have less hair than you started with for sure here.

2007.08.11, 08:09 AM
I swapped in a mod 01 board into my AWD right off the bat and it was a bit of a pain. Buying all of the AWD gear seperate will prove costly... right, best to buy a full chassis kit.

2007.08.11, 11:16 AM
hmmm... need i say more???

oh yeah... welcome to the forums :D

2007.08.11, 06:21 PM
I will try to work out a scale here: easiest to hardest.

MR02-> MR015= easy with a few parts packs.

Overland-> Monster= More involved with more parts packs. Axles, gears, and bearings are different here. The cost would be very close to the Readysets price.

MR01-> MR02,MR015= May not be as much parts as the OL, Mon, swap, but look into some hacking to get things to fit. there are choices here as far as how much you want to spend. Even here it's easy to spend enough on parts to just buy the complete chassis sets.

MR01-> MA010 AWD= This one would need about everything from top to bottom and end to end, not to mention the hacking to make it fit. Look into spending enough here, that can buy two complete chassis sets.

2007.08.14, 11:24 AM
thanks for the input

2007.08.14, 07:40 PM
What I mean by hacking, is mainly on the PCB set. The wires that connect the servo motor and pot. And some cases the battery connectors (MR01 has those large loops with the angle bend in them), also the MR01> MR02, MR015 you will find the servo is wired backward. This is the stuff that is best done just one time. These make it hard to change back if you don't like the swap. The first two I posted above can be done without those board mods, but still there is the off chance that you may pull a wire off something. It can be done, just you will have alot to figure out.

2007.09.09, 07:53 PM
dude if u want an awd so badly buy a chasis set u can still use ur 01 radio and u can get a better to drive wit body the ones in readysets arent that good for racing someone told me

I am gonna get me first awd soon