View Full Version : f1 next?

2007.08.12, 11:19 AM
I raced my first mini-z yesterday (an mr-02mm) and had fun. Now I am thinking of getting an F-1 to run 2 classes.

Since I alread have a radio for the mr-02 (a hitec agressor crx), I was thinking of getting the f1 without the tx.
What tires should I use on this car to run on the rough side of an RCP hfay track?
Does the f-1 use the same bearing set as the mr-02?
Are there any other options that are needed or will it be good straight out of the box?


2007.08.12, 07:18 PM
The MR02 bearings will work fine. :)

The tyres stock are solid. At our club we're running Kyosho #20's on the rear and #30's on the front. Good combo for the rough side of the RCP.

I've never owned a brand new F1, but if yours doesn't come with it, I'd recommend a front bumper and some alloy knuckles.