View Full Version : S4 HFAY Motor - Your thoughts

2007.08.13, 02:36 AM
Aside from all the fancy discussion of the amps they're pulling, the fact they've blew FET's here and there, and other techy stuff - what are everyones thoughts. What does everyone who has the motor running, think of it?

2007.08.13, 10:47 AM
I have no complaints..It's a wonderful motor! I got better results than I ever would have expected. :D

2007.08.13, 11:00 AM
They work fine for me... I can't say the performance is top notch, but they made it through 4 HFAY races with no real problems. (they do get very hot though) I got a beat down from Gasman with a stock motor, he ran 121 laps in Race 1. I thought I'd at least be able to pull away in the corners, and maybe be a little faster in the straights... but it just didn't happen. (we were running same gear ratios too)

For general usage after the events, and at our Thursday night races... the motors run fine, I would compare it to Speedy 05 performance-wise. I still prefer my own Xspeed armature/BB can motors for our club racing though.

All in all, everything seems to be cool with the S4.

2007.08.13, 05:52 PM
I got one of the first generation HFAY season 4 motors{no vents in motor can}, and it had a lot of off-throttle drag brake/binding in the motor.. It was so bad the rear-end of my car would slide out in turns under low/no throttle, especially at the end of high speed straights.. It didn't last very long either, only about an hour to hour and a half of run time total.. So I returned it and got the newer updated version and it looks like they fixed the problems with these updated versions.. The new version I have now is drastically improved with almost no drag-brake at all.. It also has a good amount of power, I put mine on the Tamiya speed checker and it threw down 32kph with a 9 tooth pinion and that was on a 3004 fet equipped car.. This motor has a lot of torque too..Mine seems to be holding up okay so far..

2007.08.13, 09:31 PM
Other than a severe amount of drag, they are decent motors. It took awhile for the drag to go away but other than that a decent motor. I honestly think they should of went with the x speed instead, then to this motor the next season. I know a drilled can opens up options but still I think the x speed motor should have been the HFAY motor.

2007.08.14, 04:28 PM
I like having a faster motor. I always thought the stock motor was too slow, and it was hard for us to purchase.

Some of the kids in the club hit in the 90's. All that power makes for very interesting racing on such a small track.

2007.08.15, 10:50 AM
as stated by me before, I really like them. We had some great racing with them. the track seemed to throw us some fits when we started practicing on it, but once we got into the groove it was a nice track.

I finally toped the 100 lap mark in one of the races. I still seemed to slot in about the same position but it was still great.

lots of people turned in some great times.

I like having the extra power, even though you don't use it for the smaller tracks.

2007.08.15, 12:07 PM
I also like having a little extra power. Since I drive my HFAY car more than any other it's nice to be able to use it at other "stock"racing every once in a while. The DC crew went to PA about a year ago and when we tried to use our HFAY cars for the stock racing our stock motors just wouldn't cut it. Then when I tried to add some power with another motor it wasn't tuned very well.

This lets me keep the car tuned for HFAY and just use the additional power if I want to drive the car somewhere else like with DOW or up at ActionRC.

2007.08.15, 05:05 PM
The power certainly helps on longer tracks... nice to just throw my car down without changing motors out first.