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2007.08.13, 10:08 AM
I was looking for an old thread of mine and couldnt find it.:( Ive decided to put all of my pics in this one running thread so I can find them easier and have all the comments about them in one place. Ive been fairly inspired by Brians picture thread, so I may have gone a little crazy with some of the angles and detailed pictures. Hopefully no one will mind the abundance of pics :p

Heres a slide show with more than what I posted.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v618/freekfornature/RCs/MiniZ/th_2007-07-16093.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v618/freekfornature/RCs/MiniZ/?action=view&current=bd03092e.pbw)

Also, if any one is interested in detailed pics of any of the bodies I posted, please LMK. Ive got more pics of all these cars, but didnt want to flood the board too much.

Comments and questions are welcomed.


















More to come....

2007.08.13, 10:12 AM















2007.08.13, 10:16 AM














2007.08.13, 06:30 PM
That some cool "stuff" you got there. Nice and clean. I suppose there's a chassis under each one? :p

2007.08.13, 10:04 PM
Any of those for sale perhaps?

2007.08.14, 12:11 PM
That some cool "stuff" you got there. Nice and clean. I suppose there's a chassis under each one? :p

Thanks. I guess I need to take some chassis shots. I dont have one for every body...though that would be nice.

Ive got an 015RM, an 02RM, 3 010s, a Firelap MM, and an IW02. I run all the Zs all the time and the Firelap occasionally. The IW02 is just dirt slow, and I dont really like the suspension set up so I never did much with it. I got two of them for a killer deal a while back, and got them for the boards mainly. So most of those pictures are on dummy chassis'.

Any of those for sale perhaps?

Nah, I would consider some trades, but most of the bodies I have are still regularly available, so most people arent interested in trading me, since Im trying to get some of the older bodies that arent produced any more.

2007.08.14, 02:14 PM
I just might have sometning old to trade!! Maybe a bit of paint!!

2007.08.17, 11:30 PM
WOW! Awesome collection. That f50 is sweet!

2007.08.20, 08:31 AM
2EZ - :D We can definatly do that! Sorry we missed out friday. My dad is driving back in town toay, so we'll definatly be racing wednesday and friday. Hope you can make it by, so we can work out that trade :p

Anizzle - Thanks. That was my first miniZ. It was a white body kit and AWD that my wife got me for my birthday. That AWD has been through some serious changes and now has an Xspeed, stacked FETs, and numerous other perfomrance ups. I run the takata NSX on it now, as the NSX shell has become my prefered racing body. The green f50 has been retired.

2007.08.25, 09:55 AM
those are some sick ass cars. i like the white fairlady you made. did u paint it?

2007.08.27, 07:59 AM
those are some sick ass cars. i like the white fairlady you made. did u paint it?

White fairlady? :confused:

Ive got a white martini porshce 935 up there, but I didnt paint it :D

2007.09.03, 08:48 AM
Heres the newest layout we are running on our track. I couldnt find the old thread, so Ill post the previous layout as well.


2007.10.23, 09:26 PM









2007.10.23, 09:27 PM









2007.10.23, 09:53 PM

Looks good I should let you take some shots of some of my shells.

2007.10.23, 11:05 PM
Nice last pic, looks like all have antennas! ;) You rich man... :p

2007.10.24, 06:50 AM

Looks good I should let you take some shots of some of my shells.

Anytime :D

Nice last pic, looks like all have antennas! ;) You rich man... :p

Yep, this is my current line up of racers, but I dont consider myself rich. Some of these were gifts :D My dad has purchased 3 cars for me over the years (Christmas and Bdays), and my wife has purchased 2. Ive only bought used and Firelaps :D I am getting quite the collection of chassis now :p In the last pic The three on the left are AWDs, the porsche is my 015, and the vette is a FireLap. Ive got a 90mm AWD as well (still running 911) and my 02, which I just switched over to the Takata NSX. Once I get a decent body (or finish the rx7 or AE86) for the other AWD, or switch it over to accomodate one of my other bodies (been wanting to run a skyline) Ill get another pic with the whole line up.

2007.12.07, 02:09 PM
We went back to an easier layout, but added in some other stuff for interest sake :D




We added a tight starting grid. It makes for very interesting starts :D

We added a pit lane which eliminates some of the stoppages (we never have corner marshalls). You arent allowed to call "caution" unless you car is undrivable. If your tire is coming off, or your body is bouncing, you have to pull in fix it and run! We also run race with a required drive through and stop. It adds another dynamic that we didnt have before.

We also now have banked corners at the faster spots. I plan to add some "run-off" area in the corners where you shoudlnt be driving any way. I may open up the insides of the faster ones even more, and do the same thing there (an inside run-off).

2007.12.26, 03:35 PM
We are really diggin the new set up, and have decided to keep it like this for a little while. It offers faster laps, and shorter races, but passing is very hard unless the guy in front of you makes a mistake. That factor is keeping racing nice and tight.

We decided if we are going to keep it, we should dress it up a little bit. We are starting to add in some corner run-offs, and rumble strip sections. It is made out of 3/16" particle board, which is tapered at the edges and will get some type of edging to make it more race realistic.

It really makes the layout look a lot more fluid, and penalizes any one running way off course or trying to cut corners LD

I got the step ladder out for an overhead view :lol:


2007.12.26, 05:09 PM
Aw, you covered up the inside line on the back left-hand sweeper. Where's the fun in that? :p

2007.12.26, 05:51 PM
^ haha.

Actually the rumble strip is the same radius as the turn used to be. I redid the wall, then added that piece in. I did the same on the inside of the two adjacent corners. Now, you can actually cut across them and make a little time, but its very unpredictable. Its helps open up the starts a little, and its set up to aid in some interesting finishes. :D

2007.12.27, 10:48 AM
hrdrvr has this track set up at his work place so he has acess to run on it every day I think he makes the changes when he sees that those of us who can run only on friday are catching up to him. :D It is fun when we show up and find the track has changed I think his plan is for us to take most of the session adjusting to the change (something he did early in the week!!!) :p I think his plan is backfireing as most of us are getting faster in spite of the changes!!! :D :D We are having great fun and find ourselves laughing often even though every one is very competive. He has now posted fastest lap times and we all are trying to get that top spot.

2007.12.27, 10:55 AM
Can you tell us which cars seem to be at the top of the list? MR15's, MR02's, or AWD's? It would be interesting to know which type is most often at the top of the class. Weather it be because it's faster, handles better, or even just as simple as the driver. The best car in the world doesn't stand a chance if the driver can't control it.

2007.12.28, 09:10 AM
2EZ, Ill leave it like this for a while. I think its a very interesting, challenging, and fast layout. Ill let you guys have at it for a while and see if you can catch me :D The board will make for good goal minded people (which most of us are) to have something to shoot for. Keep in mind though, the longer a single layout exists, my time on it exponetially grows compared to every one else :D

marc, I think it depends on the driver all together. Id say AWDs have won the most races, as most of the guys that race with us run AWD. I always had more victories in the AWD until recently. I finally got my 02 RM set up the way I like it, and it holds the current standing fastest lap, and IMO is the car to beat on this track. 2wds just got popular around our track because a couple guys (2EZ and DAMZer) came in and started running them very competetively. Myself and another guy are determined to be able to run the 02s with these guys. :D

As far as what chasis is fastest for me, its a toss-up. The primary 02 has the fastest lap set at 6.379, but I have very few down below 6.6 or so. The AWDs I can run below 7 pretty consitantly, but my best is 6.618. I went back to a lower gear setting recently on my 015. Its not as fast, but much more consistent and fast through the turns. My recent fast lap with it is 6.693. All these are set with FET safe motors. The difference between chassis are negligable once youve got the cars set up to suit your style. It may be a different story with faster cars or on RCP, so thats just my experience.

2007.12.28, 04:36 PM
That's it :mad: , every time I race with you guys and find a line that the track owner doesn't use even after running 20 or so hours a week, he changes the layout............. ;) Guess I'll have to find some rally tires so that when I cut the front sweeper I can use the whole width..........Just kidding!!

B +T, keep me in the loop on the GTG's, it's a new year and I feel the need to burn up some half days..........

T, don't forget to plan out a weekend GTG this spring, remember you said you wanted to use all of your RCP tiles :D

Keep the Faith, my friends........J

2007.12.31, 09:28 AM
J, Im going to leave it like this for a while. If you come to see us more than once a year you can get to run on it multiple times :D

You dont need to wait for us to send you a formal invitation either. We are trying to run every friday, and most times that happens. You have an open invitation and can come any time you want. Even if you cant make a friday, if you are out here on a weekend, Ill come race.

You can get my number from T, or Ill PM it to ya. You can call me anytime youve got some time, and Ill let you know who all is coming. With the lap timer some of the older guys who havent been racing much are interested again. Its starting to get really competetive and a lot more fun. Im not going through bodies like I used to either, so we must be running cleaner nowadays as well.

I also cant wait until we put the RCP together and I get a chance to run on it. We need to make sure my dad is in town the weekend we do that, so he can have a chance of running on it too. If its as good (compared to carpet) as every one says it is, we may make the switch over to it :D You think our track layout changes a lot now, wait until Ive got all the ease of moving tiles around to change to a new layout :p

BTW, if you send me your number Ill start calling you every week to remind you we are racing.

Oh and one more BTW, bring your F1 next time you come :D

2007.12.31, 05:28 PM
You'll have to keep nagging the Tan Man, he's got enough RCP tiles to fill up his driveway................Saturday is much easier for me to make the drive. Remember, I am out of the country at least 1 week a month....Let's see how you do when you are under new management :p

This new years resolution is one I might be able to keep, I'll try to double my visits this year :D

I always enjoy the racing and the fellowship....I really like it when your dad is there, that way the masters class can try to keep the track pro's in their place ;) (yes, I've been called hack before.....and worse by better.....but if you can't hack the ones you like, what's the point!?)

I haven't run the F1 in years, rubber is probably hard as a rock, but what the hey, I'll put it in the box.......


2008.01.04, 08:40 AM
Warm weather will bring out the track at my house. Big drive way :cool: :cool:

I will share your numbers with hrdrvr, DAMzer

I will help you with the NY res!!

If we have ya DAD drive on the RCP for sure we will switch

I cant wait for the next get together. :D :D :D

2008.01.04, 10:16 AM
DAMZer, hah, weve all been callled hacks :D Im gald you enjoy the fellowship, I do to. Weve got a good group of guys that race with us. My new management will most likely lessen my track time too, so thatll give everyone (mostly everyone) a chance to even up the practice time.

Ill get my F1 tires today! Hopefully my dad will have a minute to get his car together (coming in the same shipment) as well, so we can take a few laps this afternoon.

2EZ, you dont have to wait long...:D....5 hours os so and counting....I tried to call you earlier in the week. I hope you are in town and can make it by tonight. We had some really good racing for a wednesday this week, so tonight should be a blast.

We'll have to start getting a little more work befroe we make the RCP jump. Maybe spring and work will hit at the same time.

marc, if you are still following this, the times I posted above are all different now. I wont go into detail, but the track record is now held by an AWD. It just goes to show that its all about who is behind the wheel, and how theyve got the car set up for the particular track/layout.

2008.01.10, 07:52 AM
I didnt like the wya the lexus handled at all. IT doesnt have enough clearnce in the rear end. On the sweepers I was bottoming out, and flipping. I had to switch up to a car Ive been wanting to run for a while anywya :D Im now running a skyline GTR on this chassis.




I really like the way it handles. This is the car that now holds our track record. Im running on the green upgrade chassis with an Xspeed, bearings, plastic camber knucks, springs, and wheels.

The drift project has been put on hold. Im having so much fun running these slightly modded AWDs, that I had to switch the AE86/911 to 94mm. Im now running the vette on it. I tried out an ATM stockR and loved it, but its studdering really bad now. Im going to have to break it down and check it out. For now Im running a similar set up to the other car, but with a speedy05.




2008.01.10, 07:54 AM
I also took some new pics of some older rides, and some pics of my new F1.

Here are my current running ferraris!
stock 010, mod 010, F1







2008.01.10, 07:55 AM
And here are my 2wds (02 slight mod, 015 stock).





And finally a group shot with all the Zs except my green AWD with the skyline.


2008.03.21, 07:47 AM
Well, I got no love from those :(

I had another little photo shoot yesterday trackside :D

Ill start with all the current cars layed out on the pit table.


The 2wds.


The AWDs.


I usually run the 575 on the one on the left, but Im trying out the old green f50 again. The 575 had some clearence issues in the back, and before I raise the body, or suspension, Im trying to go a different route.

The new 015 shell.



2008.03.21, 08:38 AM
great collection of runners. I was running about 8 myself until i recently reduced my group. I've decided whatever I can't carry in my pit case I'll need to get rid of. Kinda miss having all mine seeing your collection now.

Oh well, been buying up autoscales like crazy to make up for the emptiness. :)

2008.03.21, 09:34 AM
We'll just have to see if my old stuff can keep up with you tonight........I modified an old 360 Modena into a GT style and added a wing........also modded my F50 rear deck to clear a monoshock.....Pics to follow:D

2008.03.21, 09:47 AM
360 GTC and F50

2008.03.21, 10:04 AM
10 pic limit...ctd...

And lastly a slew of pics of the new 962. I need to get some outdoor shots of this one. Its one amazing body IMO.







2008.03.21, 10:10 AM
It is a sharp body! I got the autoscale and mounted it on a MR02 chassis for the time being.......had to mod some rear foams to get some traction! It is a heavy one though.........

2008.03.21, 10:11 AM
Wow, I got interupted and didnt hit submit :D

Soul, Thanks for the compliment. Ive got my box set up where I can take 5 with me. I have the desire to run so many shells that I have to have a few chassis :p We dont run any 'real' classas at the moment, but I still usually run 3 or 4 cars a night. Its fun playing with different set ups to see what works, and its cool to me to see how all the different shells need different set ups to match my driving style.

DAMzer, The pics didnt show up :( Make sure and bring your F1 tonight. My dad and the T-man are wanting to run a few races. Also, You can come on at any time. From 12:30 or so on, the track will be open.

So you know, here is the new track layout.


Im going to try and get some decent pics of the pit areas today. I did yesterday, but I think I still had the cam on macro mode after taking the car shots. Needless to say, the pics didnt come out.....

EDIT: DAMZer you are fast today :D Im running it on a Firelap chassis wiht a single layer of 4562s. Is pretty fast and holds well for me, but I cant get enough front bite with the current set up. I need them to coume out with some cmaber low riding knuckles, or some grippier tires.

2008.03.21, 10:17 AM
I'll bring the F1, but it hasn't been run in ages and the tires are hard as asphalt...........Cool layout, I didn't know that you had the RCP track down!!!

I'll be there about mid afternoon........see ya

2008.03.21, 01:21 PM
Very,very nice collection....i am sooooo jealous! lol I just bought one of the 962's same colour scheme and man that is one sweet body!