View Full Version : picked up a used F1...

2007.08.14, 09:58 PM
It was kinda beat up but not that bad. I added the Atomic rear and the atomic dampner. My question is can i use my Speedy AWD motor in the F1? Will it blow out the fets?

2007.08.15, 11:11 PM
How used is used? check the board and if it has 3010 fets (the ones near the motor tabs) then you should be fine for using that motor.

2007.08.16, 06:27 AM
If I had to guess I would say it is the first generation F1, did they always come with 3010 fets?

2007.08.16, 07:44 PM
It has only been recently they have used 3010 fets on the F1 board.

Pop the cover/body off and take a hard look at the surface fets by the motor leads...it'll say 3004 or 3010 in very tiny numbers.

3004=I don't think so.

2007.08.17, 10:37 AM
i bet its the older version 3004. i picked one up from the shop 2 days ago and they sold me a 3004 fet.