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2007.08.14, 11:37 PM
Just posted a new video guys....this is what we do when it's too nice to race Mini-Z's inside

Check out our RC18 Track (http://www.rcuvideos.com/item/WYMVLC85T7YKFY6G)

2007.08.15, 07:54 AM
Nice, I always wanted to get into dirt track racing/running. My only other experience (other then Mini-zís) is 1/10 on road electric. It seems like a lot of fun!

2007.08.15, 03:49 PM
We (our group of racers) have been racing R/C for over 20 years now, we have run every scale, every type, and every class available but we keep coming back to the dirt track and the new 1/18th scale cars make it possible to have a killer track in minimal space. The Mini-Z's make it possible fopr us to run indoors during the winter, again in minimal space (two Wide L RCP tracks set up in a double wide garage)

2007.08.15, 04:49 PM
Thought provoking... I finally have my own land to "terraform" and with those 18th Losi Sprints coming out, might just have to do it now.

Very cool track... excellent video!

2007.08.15, 10:36 PM
aaahhhhh get a RC18 and a Mc Callister sprint body for it, much easier to drift the turns than a 2WD Losi.......we have been thinking oval would be cool too....maybe next season

2007.08.16, 01:09 AM
cool video.... :D

2007.09.02, 11:23 AM
awesome. The type of driving i love