View Full Version : Race Weary Ferrari 360 chassis

FenDer BenDer
2002.05.04, 02:45 PM
This car get raced twice a week every week..

and is getting pretty beat up, but they are made tuff to play tuff


enjoy the pic

2002.05.04, 07:42 PM
nice setup!!! cool chassie it rocks

FenDer BenDer
2002.05.04, 09:54 PM
Thanks, I did some more work on it today (as seen in the pic)
I changed the motor wires to a larger gauge, and ran them real slick...It worked out really well the red wire now acts as a spcer for my motor heatsink (along with the normal pacer)
I need to get a slightly stiffer set of springs for the front, the car tends to droop now..