View Full Version : Steering Problems

2007.08.20, 03:41 PM
I have a Mini-z overland and it has steering problems. It twitches too much and wont respond to the controller. It was running fine when I got it. But after a few minutes of running it today the steering went ballistic. So now Im trying to figure out how to fix it. Any ideas?

2007.08.20, 06:07 PM
Dont tell me that thats the one i traded... :eek:

2007.08.20, 06:14 PM
check the antenna wire where its connected to the board and make sure the xtal is in all the way.

2007.08.21, 02:51 PM
The wires are intact. And AMG it is the one you traded my. :(

I tried a different TX and crystals, still nothing. The acceleration works fine.

2007.08.21, 10:42 PM
dude lube the servo gears or new batts btw its life from xms

2007.08.22, 06:41 AM
Is the xtal loose in the the holder? That can be an issue. Sounds like dirty servo gears also. make sure that it moves smoothly.

Also check for dirt or hair wrapped around the axle on the knuckles. It could be binding.