View Full Version : Mini Z Mr-015 MM Chassis-help Please

2007.08.22, 01:15 PM
Hello people! I'm new to Mini-Z RC cars and any help would be appreciated.I have a MINI Z MR-015 MM ready set and a RM MINI Z BODY,,,,how do i converet the MM chassis set up to fit the RM body? Do I need parts? Thanks for your time!!

2007.08.22, 03:26 PM
yes you'll need RM h-plates and a RM motor pod.

2007.08.22, 03:56 PM
you can also buy the PNracing multi-length alloy motor pod. It will allow you to run both the rm and mm length with out having to get a new H-plate

2007.08.26, 10:12 PM
I am going through the same issues. Both of the previous replies are right. It all really comes down to money. Rear motor pod and new h plate is much cheaper because you can buy Kyosho part # MZ210 for about 5 dollars or so and that will come with all the parts and h plates you need. That alloy motor pod is about 20 dollars and if you buy a certain motor mount you have to drill the motor or something (i dont know all about this so dont take my word on it.). So i guess what really matters is how deep are your pockets.