View Full Version : Anybody knows about the KO:EX-5 ADBand with HG ADBand Unit Set???

2007.08.24, 03:08 PM
Hi guys, just found out about it, and looking at the price... it seems a good one.

Any of you got it? or can tell us anything about it?

I've made searches but it seems a mistery, not much data around.

2007.08.24, 03:33 PM
Isn't this just the normal AD band board and Helios module? Or something different?

2007.08.24, 04:28 PM
can someone post a pic, I would like to see this


2007.08.24, 08:36 PM
What's up, I had actually posted about the KO Propo EX-5 AD band set in the "Atomic MR-02 board" thread on here the other day.. It's basically the AD band board sold together with an entry level EX-5 transmitter.. The transmitter is an entry-level unit, kinda like a KT-5 {stock Mini-Z transmitter} and the set sells for around $95.00 dollars... This doesn't include shipping costs from Japan though, which is the only place where I could find the set.. If you're looking for more information on this, I found the information on the RC Mini-Z.Jp website.. They have pics of the setup including the board and the radio.. It's mostly in Japanese, but they have an English translation of the products on the site.. They have this set for the MR-01, MR-015, and Mr-02... It looks to be just the ticket for people trying to get an AD band setup, but don't want to drop around $300.00...

2007.08.25, 08:03 AM
Yes, that's righ Tallgeese. It's the AD-BAND board plus an "entry level" High Speed Programable radio set. Not bad for just 95 USD plus shipping.

I guess the EX-5 is not a new radio, but there isn't much info around.

This model is aimed at mini-z almost specifically, and having some of the setup's the Helios EX-10 has, but for half the price, it becomes an "entry PRO level" radio kit.

I heard it was the trasmitter that came with the special edition black Enzo with Ad-Band already installed.

Does anybody have it? use it? know about it?


2007.08.25, 08:22 AM
I read it has just two model memory, plus almost all the functions of it's big sister the Helios EX-10.

And the most interesting is that it allows you to choose the frecuency without inserting a Crystal!... you just choose the frecuency on the radio and on the car and voila! 20 different frequencies prepogrammed. This really would be fantastic.

Ok... continue my research.

2007.08.28, 01:37 AM
hmm... yeah a picture would indeed be interesting...