View Full Version : 3racing damper on a high mount?

2007.08.25, 09:40 AM
I searched around but couldn't find any info. I know the 3R damper will go from 86 out to 102, but I need to know if it will fit the Kyosho mr015 high mount motor pod. I'm converting my mr02 for Vitz use, and I don't really want to shell out the cash for the ATM high mount plus the 94mm DDS plate to go with it. Thanks in advance....

2007.09.06, 10:28 AM
I dont think that a disc damper will work on the stock HM pod. There is not enough clearance behind the damper post. The motor will hit the damper plate.

2007.09.07, 02:48 AM
Thanks EMU, I guess my plans will have to be changed now :rolleyes: