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2007.08.25, 01:39 PM
I wrote this on another micro R/C forum.
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Well i decided to post a few setup sheets and an offset sheet for whoever may need them.

The following links are to .PDF files so you will need adobe acrobat to view them.

Offset Sheet (www.mini-zracer.nl/downloads/offsetdata.pdf)

MR-02 Setup Sheet (www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/setting/data/mr02_blank_e.pdf)

F1 Setup Sheet (www.reflexracing.net/files/f1_blank_form.pdf)

MA010 Setup Sheet (www.ttminisports.com/MA-010_setting_bl_en.pdf)

I couldn't find a setup sheet for an MR01[5] but i found one thats a little less detail but its all around.

All Around Setup Sheet (www.mini-zracer.nl/downloads/setupsheet.pdf)

I found that it's easier to just print and write your setup on some of them rather than trying to type it out on the computer. But of course, once you save them they are yours so do what you like with them.

Courtesy of. mini-zracer.nl, ttminisports.com, reflexracing.net, kyosho.com