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2007.08.27, 01:39 AM
I bought a pair of the new Atomic Alloy Steering Knuckle II's in RED, #AWD165-R, 3-degree camber . The problem I have is one of the knuckles does not spin freely when I have the wheel axle/swing-shaft all the way through both bearings, as if something is causing serious binding. I have not been able to ascertain the problem after many tries, including changing the delrin bearing sleeves on each side of the knuckle (a new feature with the Ver. II ATM MA010 alloy knuckles), making sure the bearings are seated correctly, and just about every possible way of checking for the the cause of the problem. The bearings I am using are Atomic 3x6x2mm ceramics, and are new - the bearings are definitely not at fault. As a matter of fact, when I insert the wheel axle/swing-shaft just enough to only slip into one of the bearings and not the one opposite, I find that there is no binding whatsoever. This goes for both sides, but only when one bearing is being tested. When the axle is inserted all the way (Which it is difficult to get through, like the bearing-sides are not on the centered with each other precisely), the axle rotates poorly from friction. Just to note, the axles are not the issue either as I have tried Kyosho stock universal drive-shafts, Atomic Titanium driveshafts, and Kyosho upgrade-alloy uni. driveshafts, all with the same result. I have owned these knuckles for a few months now, I had only used them briefly before now because I liked the other ones I had at the time. Is there anything I can do that haven't already tried (And I really don't want to dremel anything, I don't know if it would do any good anyway.) Is there any way I may get them replaced? They are in new condition. And if not, what options do I have? Thank you Atomic, Best Regards.

2007.09.08, 11:02 AM
Doesn't look like any one gives anyone much help.

Only thing i could think of is you have the Wheel (rim) too tight.

2007.09.08, 12:34 PM
Thank you for the reply Toodeep, your trying to help is appreciated. I wish it was the Wheel/Rim being too tight. The only thing I think it might be is that the Delrin inserts each vary in size/thickness around the circumference, especially after removing them and the bearings (Pulling them out of the knuckle is a lil tough on them, it's a tight seal-type fit). So when the bearings are both in the knuckle, the bearing holes for driveshaft might be ever-so-slightly out of alignment causing pressure to be exerted on the driveshaft on one side. That's all I can think of. But it really blows 'cause I really like these new knuckles! I like the design on these Atomic knuckles and the look of the Red on my AD-MA010, but I can't stand for any friction. Right now I switch between using Kyosho and PN knuckles, no binding and with ceramics they spin all day off a little push. Exactly what you want when trying decrease drivetrain friction for the MA010.

2007.09.09, 03:09 AM
Are you using stock axel shafts?(Dog Bones) Sometimes atomic makes there products so you have to buy new parts. Like the sas rear cant use the stock diff. just throwing that out there. I dont know what else it could be. email atmoic or the site you got it from.

2007.11.23, 06:52 AM
It's been awhile and I never heard anything from Atomic. On my last order of hop-ups I got the delrin-plastic/bushing replacement kit for the Atomic MA010 ver II knuckles. The bearing sleeves look like they are more even/symmetric. I put a set of the knuckles together with ceramic bearings and kyosho alloy wheel-shafts and they seem to be working better now, the don't spin half bad - But this was me just spinning the wheel & wheel-shaft by hand. I suspected the initial bearing sleeves were bad, they looked a little off center, but I was hesitant to drop $6 for the replacement bushing set; But it looks like it worked out. I still have to try the fixed knuckles on a car but hopefully this problem is resolved.
Since this problem came up I have found the the stock plastic kyosho knuckles are very, very good; And so are PN's alloy MA010 knuckles. These ATM version II's are probably going to be put away in the end in favor of these other two.

2008.09.01, 08:55 PM
Hi Felix,

I'm aware this thread is very old and that you've probably moved on, but I have reached a similar conclusion about the ATM AWD knuckles; they are basically junk (in fact I've reached that conclusion about a lot of ATM parts...).

I'm back to the stock Kyosho plastic knuckles and drive shafts now and the car is running much better than it has in the past.

Perhaps this will help someone...