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2007.08.30, 01:14 AM
Hi Fangel!

How about some new bodies in the I-Waver lineup?
You know somewhere on this forum there is a huge list (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16742) of wanted cars that Kyosho never made as autoscales.
By selecting from that list and making some of most wanted cars that could be used either on i-Waver or Mini-z chassis, I am sure that your company would sell a lot of them worldwide. Or you could just start a poll here?

I could already say that old muscle cars from the 70's (Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Corvette) or cars from Le Mans 24h race (vintage or recent) would also have good success most being pan cars.
What do you think, is it easy for you to design and produce new bodies? Would it be better to reproduce old cars (+25 years) because of low copyrights?

I almost use I-Waver/Firelap bodies only for racing because they are stronger and lighter (made in 1 clear plastic piece) with almost no attached parts. For you it may be more economical to make them that way but I can tell you that the other good point is durability.
I like the Saleen S7 the most, but your Firelap Mac Laren is very widely used as well at clubs here around (Europe).

Our team's Firelap Mc Laren at a 12h enduro race in Germany - Finished 3rd, with no crack :) (http://alain.galluser.free.fr/Z/McLaren12h.jpg)

2007.08.30, 08:48 AM
I almost use I-Waver/Firelap bodies only for racing because they are stronger and lighter (made in 1 clear plastic piece) with almost no attached parts. For you it may be more economical to make them that way but I can tell you that the other good point is durability.

I 2nd the comment on the strength/durability of a 1pc plastic body, much preferred over the Kyosho body construction. I have the S7 and a GT, prefer the GT right now because my rear shock rubs the S7 back window. :rolleyes: I'm planing to try the Enzo and McLaren soon.

I personally don't care if the bodies are autoscales, as long as they function and look alright. I'm supprised that the majority of racers at this scale prefer/demand autoscales. Lets ask Iwaver/Firelap/Kyosho get creative and create their own body designs. PN/Atomic Pan cars are a great start but I'd love to see a few more options out there.

I have no idea what it costs to liscense an autoscale but I do know that a body mold would easily be in the $250K range. The painting/detailing systems are not cheap either so it is no small investment either way.

2007.08.30, 09:51 PM
We will be making new body very soon, I can not disclose the body list right now, but rest assure some of item in your huge list will or has been answer. I'm glad that you like the way we make our body, to tell you the truth of course cost is involved, but the structural strength was also consider from the beginning.
Saleen S7 is fairly rare but has some support from fans, also the McLaren F1 is a great body I would say.
I'm fairly interested about your 12hr enduro race. Do you use a Firelap chassis along with the body? Could I know some more finer detail, since this would prove to all the people that Firelap is also a great racer.

2007.08.30, 10:02 PM
Thank you for praising our body design again, I'm glad you like our Firelap and iwaver body line. I personally believe the thing with being autoscales is that following well designed real car seems to be a safer bet, and will attract fan base. Creating your own car design has many technical and design problem that need to be overcome, since car body design is not easy. As you have said it yourself autoscale license will come at a cost (depending on the car maker and model) Also the molding will differ depending on the complexity, this is the same with the painting and detailing.

2007.10.23, 01:51 PM
I just purchased two iWaver 02s with the Saleen S7 bodies, new in box, from a LHS. They had trouble selling them, so I got a good deal on them.

The problem:
The rear wheels are too wide to fit in the Saleen body when the body is clipped all the way in to the chassis. I've seen other posts on this problem on this site, but I'm still not sure of what my options are for a fix. I've read that I can buy narrower rear wheels, or I can buy wheels with a -1 offset, or I can dremel out the body fenders (I really don't want to do this option). All of these options kind of suck, seeing that these cars are new right out of the box.

First of all, am I putting the body on correctly? If so, seems kind of funny that that the stock body doesn't fit the chassis with the supplied wheels/tires right out of the box. But, the body fits like a glove on the chassis. The front white chassis mount slides all the way into the front slot on the body. Also, there are pins on the chassis at the rear mounting locations that the white body clips come to rest on. The white body clips also fit very nicely around the rear walls of the battery box, and the tabs on the white body clips insert perfectly into the horizontal slots located just above the battery terminal on the rear battery box wall.

Second, straight out of the box, the rear wheels are the wides (11 mm). Looks like I could make it work with the mediums (9 mm wide). But that kind of sucks, since I have to buy different parts just to get the body to fit correctly.

Third, are there any other options I'm missing? Different bushings for the rear wheels? The stock differential is too thick to allow that wheel to be moved inward.

Sorry for the long post, lots of questions, etc. But as you can see, I'm not sure about what all the options are, or what other parts are available.

Thanks. :)

2007.10.23, 02:44 PM
I run the S7 body on a Kyosho MR-02 chassis. I have sanded down (thinned) the back fenders so that I can run wide tires- you can't tell from the outside that it has been modified.

You could run narrow tires in the rear but you'll of course sacrifice traction to do so.

2007.10.23, 03:11 PM
i think, as suggested/requested before, simply offering unpainted bodies would be a great option to have.

2007.10.23, 09:09 PM
I do believe you are not buying the new iwaver 02M, and you properly have the prototype 02, which has various different known issue. That is why it was actually never launched on to the market. The new iwaver 02M chassis has fixed many of the suggested issue, but all your opinion has been taken into account for the next product release.

2007.10.24, 12:10 PM
Ah, I see-- no wonder I got such a good deal on them! :)

Thanks for the help, guys. Now I won't be surprised if I find other funny little kinks and tweaks I may need to take care of.

Just curious- were the prototypes just sold on a limited-run basis or something, and just not released for big-time retail sale? They must have been sold in limited numbers to hobby shops or something...

2007.10.25, 12:15 AM
We the prototype was actually never officially released, and was more or less leak or sold at limited numbers. We did switch factory, so our old factory might have been keep selling them as the iwaver brand, making the global sell you see.

2007.12.07, 06:13 PM
Will Iwaver make new bodies that are closer to the Kyosho 1/28 scale line-up? I was disapointed with the Mini Cooper S bodies you made in that they were of bigger scale.
Would love to see the '99-03 Lotus Elise or the Lotus Exige S sports cars.

2007.12.09, 08:21 PM
As we have announced in iwaver.com
The upcoming body for the racer series would be BMW M3, I have already seen the prototype mold of this body and all seems promising.
It will have all the bell and whistle you would be expected from Kyosho.
(Chromes parts, Clear windows, Clear lights, etc...)

2007.12.11, 08:40 AM
M3? The new M3? :D

2007.12.11, 11:22 AM
Because images say so much more than words:
http://www.iwaver.com/images/body_51.jpg http://www.iwaver.com/images/body_49.jpg


2007.12.11, 11:44 AM
that m3 is sexy :eek: :cool: you've already made one sale :)

2007.12.11, 07:51 PM
damn! that's hot

2007.12.11, 07:53 PM
yeah...the M3 is coming.
I have already seen the first clay mold of this.
We are undergoing some fine tuning on the detail making sure that it is very close to the real one.

2007.12.12, 12:31 AM
Will you make unpainted kits too in future?

2007.12.12, 07:43 PM
We currently have no plan for this, but I could really put in a suggestion to make it possible.
I think it would not be too much work for us to make this happen.
I'll ask around and see if it is possible.

2007.12.12, 07:45 PM
i would seriously consider it. it's the one thing kyosho offers that iwaver is lacking.
can you clarify what type/grade of plastic you are using? this would allow us to better plan what paint to use.

2007.12.12, 08:24 PM
Oh man, I didn't see this until now. The current generation BMW M3 is one of my all time favorites so I'm very excited to see that it's coming.

I'd love to see the sedan version as well!

I'll definitely be picking up a few of these. :)

2007.12.17, 12:36 AM
The BMW M3 is coming, I haven seen the clay mold and it looks really cool.
Also I have just got the official news for iwaver and possible Firelap brand.
We would be releasing "CLEAR" plastic bodies set in the future.
The set would be in Clear uncoated plastic just like larger scale (1/10th), the reasons for this is because our body is molded in one pieces and you would have to mask out the window yourself to paint it.

I hope all of your are happy with this news!

2007.12.17, 01:36 AM
That's going to awesome! Team paint schemes may now include the color "clear". :D

2007.12.17, 08:26 AM
thank you very much! i can assure you many people will thank you for doing this.

2007.12.17, 09:23 AM
Do you have a release date for the M3 bodies. I was going to place an order for some of the older bodies but want to wait for the M3 so I can include that in my order as well.

2007.12.17, 08:58 PM
I just saw the hard clay mold of M3 yesterday, we are sending it over to BMW for approval, we are also going to make the M3 rims for this body as well. (kinda like what we have done to Mini Cooper S)

There is no clear date as to when the clear body set would be release, so don't hold your breath just yet. Since I doubt it would be within 2007. I don't want any member turning purple before 2008. =P

2007.12.17, 09:11 PM
I think clear bodies would be awesome! Especially if there NOT lexan type material. Imagine leaving the car clear and showing off your "blinged out" chassis!

2007.12.17, 11:33 PM
The body would be in lexan type material. It would be made in the same material as the all the other iwaver body, in hard ABS plastic.

2007.12.18, 03:36 PM
wow awesome i want a new body now :D the muscle cars sound cool, kyosho ha only made the mustang, and i want to try and get an iwaver mustang convertible body soemtime

2007.12.18, 08:02 PM
Because of our body construction method, even when our Ford Mustang is an convertible but it's still much tougher then the Kyosho counter part. If you ask other member you would know that it's much stronger due to one piece body construction.

2007.12.19, 10:36 AM
Some famous drift cars for the upcoming AWD would be sweet!

2007.12.19, 11:19 AM
marc brings up a good point. to date kyosho has not put out any drift spec cars which is odd given their home market. i think iwaver would have a monopoly on this genre if iwaver were to release d1 bodies.

2007.12.19, 08:08 PM
I’m sorry to disappoint, it is true that D1 Drift cars have high demand, I personally love them as well. Super GT, D1 all these Japanese style racers have great body line and decals. However they are extremely hard to get a license of. Due to many issues involve. First we have to get the license for the original base car (eg: RX-7) then we have to get the license from the D1 driver and the team plus all the sponsors. Then we have to get official approvement from the D1 comities and the D1 drivers.
So any things less then perfect would make this very hard to produce.

I saw the Body wish list before, some are possible, but many are very hard to get a hold of in terms of licensing and development. Also many of the bodies are not too well know, making them hard to sell when we put in that many efforts on it. We are not as big as Kyosho yet, basically everything we produce has to sell big and could not afford another low selling body.

2007.12.19, 10:22 PM
what about making the d1 cars, forget all the sponsoring etc. buyers could be left to do that part if they wish via decals/paint.

2007.12.20, 11:11 AM
As fangel just said, they would first need to get license for the original base car. That might be more feasable than the sponsorship decals and so forth. Kyosho, I hope your listening!

2007.12.20, 11:31 AM
i think thats pretty clear and if you read my post, my sugegstion was to ignore the d1 specific sponsorship stuff and simply do the base car with body kits. this would hopefully be more feasible and the process would be much shorter than doing a fully licensed d1 car.

2007.12.20, 11:35 AM
I agree with you arch, it all depends on how much Iwaver and or Kyosho want to get involved with the D1 series. But again, Kyosho already has some of the basic cars for drifting, both RX7's, the Trueno, and the Skylines. THey just don't have the D1 body kit's. If they would just remold the same cars but with the body kits, that would work! They could slightly modify those body kit's so as to not require liscencing fees from the body kit manufacturers.

2007.12.20, 11:47 AM
maybe someone with some d1 facts can clarify what i'm talking about because i think your still missing my point, i am thinking that doing just the base car with body kits would have nothing really to do with d1 licensing, etc. if anything iwaver could work with the actual body kit manufacturers like xmods did. all that would be required would be licensing from for the base car and the body kit maker. i'm with you in that some simple modifications or alterterations would be just as acceptable if it ment workign around body kit makers who are not cooperative.

2007.12.20, 11:49 AM
are you suggesting they should make add-on body kit's to the existing cars?

2007.12.20, 11:50 AM
essentially yes. they would simply be base cars used in d1 with same or similar body kits.

2007.12.20, 11:57 AM
At least when Xmods did it, they molded the entire body specifically for adding on seperate peices. Not sure how this could work with existing Kyosho bodies. We modelers would have to either glue the bit's on, or drill holes in the bodies and screw the parts on if that's how Iwaver makes the peices. Any ideas? I think glue would make a cleaner look if you use it carefully.
I think overall it would be better if Iwaver molded some blank D1 bodies. We still don't have the popular Nissan 180SX, that would be nice one to have.

2007.12.20, 12:26 PM
again, that is what i'm suggesting. simply creating molds of blank d1 cars ie; base cars with body kits. this way you hoepfully avoid many of the licnsing issues. i was not suggesting they make seperate peices like xmods, only that xmods licensed the use of the kits.

but your right, even base cars used by d1 would be progress. it would be nice to finally see silvia. then you could even suggest other popular cars that happened to apepar in the initial d series like the sil-80, etc.

2007.12.21, 02:25 AM
lots of talks, I guess it's my terns to be the do the answering.
I glad that all of you understand these licensing thing is very complex and very annoying.
There really isn't many ways to bypass the issue, unless we make it for Firelap. Currently iwaver bodies are all licensed, but investing on a new mold would be a extra cost that can only happen when we get more sales or have a strong guarantee interest with the product.

I hope this sounds clear to all of you.

2007.12.21, 08:03 AM
thank you for the honesty in clarifying the process for iwaver.

considering no one else makes silvia bodies, i think you would have as much demand as you would for the m3. i think your current direction will likely lead to a better market if your not overlapping autoscale lines ie; mustang and gt-40, etc. unless they are differing variants like the convertible mustang.

take a look at some of the mini power bodies for example. some of these are still highly prized as they were in short supply and no one else made them, ie; the pug. 206. there is a HUGE line european and japanese automobiles that never make it to the u.s.

oh, the new nissan gt-r would be a lock for sure.

2007.12.21, 02:07 PM
I agree with arch on Mini Power bodies. I take great pride in finding my white carbon-hood Pug 206, it is definetly a rare find and I am never even going to race this body as it's in perfect mint condition with the exception of a few dust bunnies. This is my favorite body in my collection and I love it! I'd like to give a thumb's up to fangel for being such a great representative for Iwaver. It's nice having people like him who are interested in our hobby and who is willing to put in the time to talk with us on developing products. Looking forward to Iwaver's new stuff!

2007.12.26, 09:32 PM
The Mini Power bodies are sweet, I was searching online and only see pictures from this forum member. I would believe that it's really hard to come by.
We would be looking into Japanese car for the next bodies, but right now, it's all out of my hand.
P.S the new Skyline GT-R is heard to be in the pipleline for Kyosho already. It's just a rumor right now thou...The licensing would cost a great deal if I'm correct.

2008.01.02, 11:10 PM
Actually, with regards to making bodies like xmods where you can change the bumper and the skirts etc...this would be a terrible idea. I have the 1st gen xmods and yes the idea is nice and cool for kids, but for racing, this is just useless. There would be risks of breaking your car since it assembled from pieces plus it adds to the weight. Plus body kits are just too ugly.

2008.01.03, 08:33 AM
i wasn't advocating that they be made removeable like xmods, only that xmods licensed real products.

rz acers don't want heavy bodies and xmod bodies are bricks

2008.01.03, 11:14 AM
So are their chassis! I think arch and I were just looking at way's around getting the D1 bodies that we love. Am I right arch?

2008.01.03, 12:36 PM
yes, in a sense. the suggestions was that they license cars and the body kits and simply create the mold vs. going thru d1 for licensing for sponsors, teams, etc. this way you get nearly the exact same car minus all the decals/paint schemes.

2008.01.03, 12:42 PM
If you look at RosSpeed.com, they have some pretty amazing Mini-Z bodies on there. Those guy's have skills!

2008.01.03, 08:33 PM
We try to design our iwaver to be light, so many of the component has incorporate many weight saving design.

I would agree that making a master mold with all the body kit might solve the problem once and for all. But we might not get direct approval from the car manufacture since it's not the same foundation body. I might not be too clear about this, but basically is that we have to send the clay mold to the car manufacture to get approval, and if we mold the body kit directly onto the body, they might disapprove it claiming that it's not their "Original" body.

2008.01.03, 08:37 PM
May I ask what's the harm in making something that does not meet "their" approval when it's us customers that are interested in these particular style of cars? Why do you need the manufacturers permission?

2008.01.04, 01:29 AM
In order for the product to be "Officially licensed" you would need to have the manufacture approval before you could have a label claiming that it is official product.
If many of you might have noticed already, all X-mod customized bodies has official license from the car manufacture and the body kit manufacture. It's is a long process to get all of these, and you really need some strong name to back it up.

This is why Kyosho has stayed away from many of the famous Super GT (former JGTC) and D1 cars, even though they are from Japan. It is a long process and also require a lot of money.

2008.01.04, 10:07 AM
Thank you fangel for your answers.

2008.03.04, 04:23 PM

So, is there any news on the M3 bodies?

2008.03.04, 08:34 PM
The M3 body is coming along, I have seen the plastic molding of the body already, all seems well the official release date has not been announced just yet, but it would be within this year.

2008.04.08, 02:43 PM
Fangel any update one the progress of the M3 body?

2008.04.08, 09:18 PM
It's going well, there would be some change coming along with the M3 body.
I can assure you that our customer (you and the community) would love and welcome.
Everything is going well on the M3 body project, it is still projecting for 2008 sales.

2008.06.26, 12:07 AM
aww man, nothing yet on that m3 body eh? Guessing we wont see till around chistmas time, was hoping for a summer release.

2008.06.26, 09:31 PM
The prototype has arrived at the office, we are going into product promotion for this body.
There would be some change to the overall iwaver bodies, I hope all of you would be happy about the changes.
Trust me, it is worth the wait.

2008.06.27, 05:03 AM
Any teaser pics of the new body?:D

2008.06.27, 10:28 AM
Oh please do a 1997 Lotus Esprite Turbo!

2008.06.29, 09:46 PM
hum.. I know which one you are talking about.
Overall comment for the older mustangs is that it is not "Muscle" enough.
However there are always people that love their cars for their own reasons.
I'll do some research on the market and see if this is a possibility.

2008.07.02, 10:06 PM
Are there anymore request?
I guess doing research at once is faster.

2008.07.02, 11:34 PM
1997 Lotus Esprite Turbo. It's body shouldn't be a problem for the rear like the Elise is. The Esprite's rear roof line is higher up. Plus I think it's longer than the Elise so the wheel base should be more true to 1/28 scale. Here's a photo of the Lotus I'm requesting. Picture found at Cardomain web site.
This is a sweet car and would make an excellent body.

2008.07.03, 07:56 AM
Are there anymore request?
I guess doing research at once is faster.

:eek: please pardon my astonishment... i don't think any manufacturer has ever just come out and ask for requests:p kudos to you sir for being bold enough to do so.

2008.07.03, 09:06 AM
-Porsche 917k
-Porsche 917/10
-Aston Martin DB4 Zagato
-Renault Alpine A310 Calberson Rally Version in 94mm Wheelbase
-De Tomaso Panterra Gr.5
-Ferrari 400i GTO
-Fiat 8V 1952
-Ford GT Matech Prototype Design
-Gillet Vertigo
-Koenigsegg CC
-Chevrolet Makko Shark II
-Peugot 905 1991 Le Mans
-Panoz GT
..and a free body each for this amazing suggestions for Knacki :D

2008.07.03, 09:46 AM
How about the Zonda? Vector V8 Turbo? Zender Fact 4? Koenig-Specials Competition?
I agree with Arch, wow. How rare for a company to request for requests! Why can't Kyosho do this? Of coarse, Kyosho has already come out with some amazing bodies, where as Iwaver only has a select few. :D

Oooo, oooo, I forgot one! Porsche 911 Gemballa Avelanche! I'll post a pic of one if I can find it. Check ebay item 200235402841 for picture of the car I'm speaking of.

One more, 1990's I think Mercedes Benz 190E Evolution II. A four door sedan with fender's and big wing.

2008.07.03, 11:43 AM
Toyota MR2 Mk1
Sweet and unique;)


2008.07.03, 01:03 PM
new dodge challenger could be quite cool

2008.07.03, 01:10 PM
Super cars:
-Pagani ZONDA. any version
-De Tomaso Pantera
-Bugatti Veyron
-BMW M1 - 1978 original or 2008 concept
-Maserati Birdcage
-Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
-Koenig CCX
-Chrysler ME412
-Audi R8

Racing Cars:
-Maserati MC12
-Aston Martin DBR9
-Porsche 917/10
-Ferrari 51S2 Le Mans
-Peugeot 905 1991 Le Mans
-Sauber-Mercedes Benz C9 Le Mans
-Nissan GT-R

need some more?

2008.07.03, 01:38 PM
- Peugeot 905 Le Mans, with regular LMS wheelbase (like the Porsche and Mazda are for Mini-Z!)
- Jaguar Silk Cut Le Mans version (also LMS wheelbase)
- Ford GT GT3 version
- Ford Mustang GT3 version
- Maseratie MC12 GT1 version
- Saleen GT1 version

Make your bodies wide enough, not like the Saleen which was too narrow.

If you will build AWD chassis, why not some WRC cars: Ford Focus, Citroen C4, ...

2008.07.03, 01:56 PM
Surprised nobodies mentioned any D1 cars.

2008.07.03, 02:02 PM
marc remember the convo you had in this thread about the d1 cars? theres a heck of a lot of licensing to do with them unfortunatly:(
btw fangel, just wanted to know but if/when iwaver release clear bodyshells, how will the lights come, obviously rear lights are red/orange, will they come painted, removable, clear?

2008.07.03, 02:57 PM
Surprised nobodies mentioned any D1 cars.

I actually don't like D1 cars. I'm a fan of race cars.

2008.07.03, 04:34 PM
I remember D1 car's being mentioned in other threads, but I guess I forgot about it in this thread. Sorry.
Clear body shells would be interesting. But what material would they be? The same plastic that they currently use? Lexan? What?

2008.07.03, 10:00 PM
If we are going to release the clear body, it should be in the same material.
As for the lights, I'm not sure how we are going to deal with it.

It's true that D1 would have a lot of licening issues.

Your request list has been saved, I'll take sometime reviewing the list and see how it goes.

2008.07.03, 10:20 PM
Sweet, most important one on that list for me is the Koenig Specials, but I doubt that one will be made. It's a Germany-based tuner car, so I don't know how liscencing will play with that since it's also based on the Ferrari Testarossa.
My dad would be thrilled to see the Lotus Esprite Turbo be made. Kyosho has already done the Lotus Europa which does not make sence to me since it's not as commonly known as the Esprite or newer Elise. You mentioned once before that the Elise would be impossible due to it's low back end. But what about the Exige which is basically the hard-top sport's version of the Elise? Much cooler car in my opinion anyway.
I guess with the D1 issue, you could use fake sponsorship decales, but that won't be as cool as having the real deal. Fangel, if you want pictures of the Koenig Specials Competition, or the Vector, let me know and I'll get some to you.

2008.07.06, 09:27 PM
I have seen an Exige myself, I feel that it should be very hard to make into 1/28 scale. Since it has a short wheel base and low front and rear end. Since iwaver has a higher front end then kyosho, making it impossible for some of the car choice. As for the rear end, Kyosho also has to make a balance between performance (rear suspension) and accuracy (scale).

2008.07.06, 10:07 PM
Yea, that's true. Look at the Europa, even it's not accurate. I do know that the Koenig Specials Competition will work! It's just a modified Ferrari Testarossa, but without having to be as low as the Testarossa is out back. Go to www.Koenig-Specials.com and you'll have to click on the "enter" button to get into their web site, then you will see on their cover page the Competition, which look's like a cross between the Testarossa and F-40. Perhap's Iwaver can "borrow" Kyosho's Testarossa molds and modify theme for the KS Competition version! I'd definetly pay buck's for that! It's my dream car! My ultimate! And how sweet would it be to have a 1/28 scale Mini-Z like body of one!

2008.07.09, 10:41 PM
I don't know my Ferrari enough to really spot of the unique details on the cars.
However I have done the research and found out that this is on the cooler side of the market. Also getting a modifier licence and Ferrari licence might not be easy.

2008.07.10, 10:27 AM
I am aware of the licensing difficulties, but I think it can be done as I'm sure Koenig-Specials would love an RC body of their car's.

2008.07.10, 02:53 PM
Even though I would love to see certain bodies, focus on interest should be always on the racing quality.

That's the main reason success of those ugly Atomic VDS, VDSII things.

A body is the most important tuningpart, together with wheels.
It is deciding about wheelbase ,offset, weight and balance.
The other tuning is based on this.

I am driving the Kyosho Ford GT which is one of the lowest bodies available.
With a good chassis it is superfast with maximum control.
I-waver have the license and could improve the shape and balance of their body with some nice add -ons:

Matech made one of the most sexiest thing on earth out of it:

This is a real racing car ;)

With 98mm wheelbase.

I am working on a countach koenig special for fun. That's what those tuningcars are: Special fun for special taste. ;)


Or, you can buy the rights for a special selfmade design from Mr. Knacki :D

2008.07.10, 03:36 PM
Wow, somebody else who is a fan of Koenig Specials! I had no idea!

2008.07.10, 10:30 PM
I would agree that body will ultimatly effect the handling and performance of the car.
However many member would agree with me that driving the car of your dream is also very important. Some time is it really difficult to balance between looks and performance.

If you would be kind to provide some data or some insight about the balancing of the car, I'll see if the change could be made.

I think Knacki has discribe the tuner market in a very direct manner. It's only special in special eyes. I'm not saying that they are not great, just need a wider market.

2008.07.11, 10:18 AM
Show us your Ford GT. Did you add a spoiler in front and rear?
The Matech GT is awesome indeed, as well is the Mustang!!

I was considering the GT a while ago, with your explanation now I am considering again.

PS: Although your 3D work looks good work, I am not a fan of fantasy, that's why I don't like the VDS either... :rolleyes:

2008.07.11, 10:46 AM
Maybe those "tuner" car's should be limited to a few hundred or a thousand peices for those that really want one. Say maybe 800 Koenig Specials Compeitions?

2008.07.11, 10:50 AM
Hi Haco,

I didn't make something special on my Ford GT body.
It's just that everything was running smoothly together and on our Track it was unbeatable.

I guess if you redo the i-waver GT accordingly to Matech, give it +3 offset for rear and some more at the front it would be the perfect race car for 98mm wheelbase on any track.

Yes, fantasy is fantasy....are concept cars fantasy, or closer to reality :D

2008.07.13, 09:24 PM
limited production is really out of the picture, since the mold would cost too much if only spread over a few hundred body. Which make each of the body very expensive.

I think Concepts car are more or less a showcase of what the manufacture could do and their overall vision of the future. It's not necessary what they want to produce, but what they vision. However Fantasy car is based on what the mind could provide and draw. The car don't even have to work. It's the shape and form and what it represent.

Just my though about it =P

2008.07.14, 05:38 AM
In that case I would for modern era GT cars.

Here is a nice overview:
slotcar overview (http://www.phoenixslotcars.com/files/classes/ModernEraFIAGT.jpg)

Therefore Kyosho is releasing the Aston Martin DBRS9, which will be a kracker, it would be just nice to have some cars from the same or close to the same racing class to compete with.

In detail:

Ford GT ;)
Matech (http://www.matech-concepts.ch/index_de.htm)

Viper (http://www.automobilsport.com/vln-zakspeed-dodge-viper-duncan-huisman-tom-coronel-sascha-bert-photos---36379.html)

Ascari KZ1, (really nice one)
Google, ascari (http://images.google.de/images?gbv=2&ndsp=18&hl=de&safe=off&q=++Ascari+KZ1R+GT3&start=0&sa=N)

Lamborghini Gallardo
Gallardo (http://images.google.de/images?um=1&hl=de&lr=lang_de%7Clang_tr&safe=off&q=Lamborghini+Gallardo+GT3+fia&btnG=Bilder-Suche)

Porsche 997 GT3
997 (http://images.google.de/images?hl=de&q=+%09Porsche+997+GT3+Cup&btnG=Bilder-Suche&gbv=2)

Jaguar XKR
XKR (http://images.google.de/images?hl=de&q=%20%20Jaguar%20XKR%20GT3&lr=lang_de%7Clang_tr&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi)

Maserati V12
MaseratiV12 (http://www.slotracinglemans.com/newforum/cars.php?action=car&carid=93&lid=240)
...and even close to all of the cars you can find here and which are fitting on the chassis:

One of the best resource sites for Le Mans 1/24 bodies (http://www.slotracinglemans.com/newforum/cars.php?action=model)

Knacki, would like to see even more racing cars :D

2008.07.14, 09:42 AM
Could Iwaver "borrow" some of Kyosho's bodies and offer theme in different colors? Would like to see the Murcielago in closs-coat white. Or a black Altezza, or red Bmw M3 to name a few. Maybe add on some sort of "aero" package, body kit of some sort to make different than the one Kyosho offers? Just some ideas.

2008.07.14, 09:58 PM
I'd love to see a GTR version of the Lamborghini Diablo. Street version, no graphics.

2008.07.14, 10:10 PM
There is really no possiblity of "Borrowing" some bodies, since each and everyone of the bodies would require a new mold to be made. Also since we not making hard plastic body and not LEXAN bodies, the mold require is even more expensive.

As for Aero package for different bodies could be made I guess, just need to figure our a way to attach it on the bodies.

2008.07.28, 11:45 AM
So, what about the new bodies? Any news on the M3?

2008.07.28, 04:42 PM
The aero package could be provided with tiny screws and the "user" or "builder" would have to mount it himselfe. Similar to Xmods but without having to replace entire bumpers. Just simple add-ons would suffice.

2008.07.29, 09:31 PM
I think a screw on parts would require extra modification done to the body for the fitting.
I'm not too sure if anyone would like to drill holes into their bodies, So I believe double sided tape or instant glue is the way to go!

We have just got the thumbs up from BMW on the M3, so we are planning the production as we speak.

2008.07.29, 09:48 PM
Cool, can you tell us what colors it will be available? Double stick tape might work, if it'll stay on durring racing. Or, if they'll fly off like in real racing. I agree, drilling could be difficult unless you mold in dimples or something that can easily be punched out when wanted.

2008.07.31, 02:10 AM
yes, that is why this has created many issues if you have to drill a hole for add on.

2008.11.23, 12:15 AM
We have just got the thumbs up from BMW on the M3, so we are planning the production as we speak.


Is the BMW M3 body available for sale yet? If so, where can I get it?


2009.02.20, 08:04 PM

I'm waiting to hear some good news on the m3 body as well!

2009.02.23, 09:05 PM
Thatīs an image of the new M3 send by Pinky from Toyeast... Said that would be launched on late February's... I believe around early march...


I think it will be a nice body... :)

2009.02.23, 09:06 PM
oh my, thats a sexy bmw:cool:

MINIz guy11
2009.02.23, 09:22 PM
Done! That's it. I'm buying one right when it comes out!

Been contemplating trying out the Kyosho M3, but now since this is to be released, I'm all for this! Feel so much better spending $20 on this one, than $30 for the Kyosho!

2009.02.23, 09:28 PM
Sign me up for a few. Been contemplating buying some Firelap bodies on eBay, the Porsche, Mercedes and Skyline. But I understand that they are not as sturdy as the iWaver bodies, so I may wait for the M3. Hope they sell the body only ready to mount on an MR-02.:D

2009.02.23, 09:31 PM
Thatīs an image of the new M3 send by Pinky from Toyeast... Said that would be launched on late February's... I believe around early march...


I think it will be a nice body... :)

This looks great! :cool:

Kinda looks like a photoshop but lets hope its real!

2009.02.24, 12:35 AM
It's about time, but coooool beamer!!! :D

...apparantly with dummy chassis? I hope the scale is more or less right (not like the IW Mini).

2009.02.24, 05:25 AM
Nice car...
Any news about the Iwaver 4WD 04M?


2009.02.25, 08:42 AM
This looks great! :cool:

Kinda looks like a photoshop but lets hope its real!

Hmm... not bad looks good. And with dummy chassis and wheels and tires thats a plus. I hope they are a lot cheaper then Kyosho's "Fine Hand Polish" ASC's:D

2009.02.25, 09:05 AM
I agree, nice looking BMW! Let's hope it's truely 1/28 in scale. I can see a set of Tagu Kallisto's on that thing!
Also, is this a true package set up? Is Iwaver finally going to bring us a dumby chassis and a true case? Fangel?

2009.02.25, 08:06 PM
I don't think Fangel will answer here anymore... I'm mailing Pinky, and according to him (her???), It'll be sell with a dummy chassi for arounf 15 bucks...

About the 04, it'll be a 04G (2.4Ghz), and predicted to the last season of this year.

I'm waiting for this version... it promiss to have a very low and balanced GC, with the batterys at the botton and a center motor mount... I kinda like the project very much.

I'll ask Pinky about the news, if there's any.

2009.02.25, 08:08 PM
why? if there are any particular reasons please have fangel email me.

2009.02.25, 08:24 PM
Say guys, who would want SW20 Toyota MR2 (2nd generation)? Could be a great 90mm narrow body for these guys and Zs.

2009.02.26, 08:15 AM
I don't know... he just doesn't post here anymore lately... :(

It's a personal opinion... I hope I'm wrong, 'cause I really like his posts and the news about iwaver that he used to bring us... :(

Red Team
2009.02.26, 08:43 AM
Maybe his boss doesn't allow him ??? ( Although it was for their benefit )

Btw, nice body...to be added to my prefered ones from their lineup: Saleen

2009.02.26, 09:16 AM
This is a box with a car in it. Nothing else. The driver even didn't turned off the break lights.
iwaver is best in working with Adobe photoshop - if you ask me.
I won't believe anything until it is available in shops and I see it in my hands.
How many years is this car announced now? Three?
This is iwaver! as I experienced it.

It is such a petty! Due to kyoshos autoscales "price up -> quality down" politics it would have been a big chance to place themselves much better in the market.

Sleep well, iwaver ;)

2009.02.26, 02:02 PM
Well... the chinese are great sending the products... very honest (at least in my cases)...

I'm talking to them to give them a chance to have a feedback from the consumer, and try to improove their products... They were very receptive until now... :)

2009.03.11, 10:22 AM
I don't think Fangel will answer here anymore... I'm mailing Pinky, and according to him (her???), It'll be sell with a dummy chassi for arounf 15 bucks...

About the 04, it'll be a 04G (2.4Ghz), and predicted to the last season of this year.

I'm waiting for this version... it promiss to have a very low and balanced GC, with the batterys at the botton and a center motor mount... I kinda like the project very much.

I'll ask Pinky about the news, if there's any.

Around $15 for a new Iwaver body with dummy chassi...sound good to me. First body I got from Iwaver was the Saleen S7, its a great body very stable and durable.

2009.05.05, 10:37 AM

BMW M3 02M Ready Sets:


2009.05.05, 10:47 AM
:eek: dead sexy! damn, i hate ordering from t.e. though. no u.s. ditributors to boot:(

2009.06.16, 04:30 PM
I'd love to get the white one! Question is, are they same scale as Kyosho's BMW M3 GTR? I'm asking cause Iwaver's Mini Cooper S is bigger than Kyosho's S.

2009.06.16, 04:33 PM
I'll sell you mine. Its 102mm wb. Ran it around the track once and put it up.

2009.06.27, 12:11 PM
is there an awd 102 mm thing?