View Full Version : Good sites?

2007.08.30, 06:54 AM
Can anyone recommend some good sites for available mods and upgrades for a mini z f1 McLaren ?

2007.08.30, 06:09 PM
I don't know if anyone has suggested this but it's best to get used to driving it stock first...they're tricky to drive well.

As for upgrades, there are tons of sites that have what you need. R C M A R T , A T O M I C M O D S, TinyRC(that's here) and eBay has a number of upgrades that'll change the performance.

Tires and bearings are the number 1 choice to start with.

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2007.08.31, 01:00 AM
I would encourage that you buy from this forum site: TinyRC/MiniZRacer. They have everything you may need to make a winning F1. David is a great guy that has been with us since the beginning and has stuck around unlike a lot of others (myself included). For info, I would like to humbly plug my old site: Reflex Racing. I broke the shopping pages on purpose, but the information in the technical sections is still there. Welcome to the F1 brotherhood. We'll get you up to speed.