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2007.08.30, 03:14 PM
I would like to know the quality level of the Nanoracer 2.0 and the Nanodragon 2. I want a 1/16 or 1/18 buggy, truggy, or monster, and the Nanodragon was the cheapest. Is it worth it? How about the Nanoracer? I've read mixed reivews on both.

2007.08.30, 09:34 PM

Welcome to the board, I would more then happy to answer your questions.
first thing first, it is true that NanoDragon 2 is one of the best deal you could get for 1/16 buggy you could get on the market.

NanoDragon 2 comes with Lexan body that not only is good to look at but also provide structural strength for off road driving. All New Firelap comes with Inopo Radio system transmitter "AFM2" which is a very powerful LCD 2 channel transmitter that has the ability to switch module box to provide FM27 and FM40 frequency. NanoDragon 2 is very tough and is able to handle all kind of terrain.
NanoDraong 2 Video (http://www.toyeast.com/movie/nano2.wmv)

NanoRacer 2.0 is a budget 1/28 scale racer that has a very high Price/Performance ratio. I know you must have heard that NanoRacer has a tendency to break due to poor Quality control and the plastic quality. I can proudly say now that it has been fixed, the quality of chassis is back to the original Firelap 2.0 stage. Also NanoRacer 2.0 comes with the AFM2 transmitter that I have mention earlier. If you are after a high performance MR-02 compatible product at a much lower price, NanoRacer will be the best bet.

2007.08.31, 05:11 PM
Maybe you guys over there have more luck with this cars, I got my point over this cars, after have 9 between olds iwaver02, firelaps and nanoracers 2.0 I can only say they are never improve nothing, same crap plastic, usualy out of the box with broken parts, 2 broken radios on the wheel axle. sorry, but spend 2 times on a car is not cheaper after all.

Or maybe is like someone at the brand factory forum says: 'Latin peoples have low expectation about quality' .... maybe for that we receive so many defective cars.

thaks for read.

2007.08.31, 10:00 PM
hmm thats interesting but does anyone hve a nanodragon 2? can they be somewhat beat up stock and used heavily offroad? how do they stand up?

2007.09.02, 09:21 PM
I'm deeply sorry for your disappointment over the previous chassis you have receive, but I would like to get a few point straight, I'm not quite sure where you buy all your iwaver and firelap from, but We from ToyE@st has never pick on customer no matter where they are from. I must admit that different batches of both iwaver 02, firelap 02 and NanoRacer 2.0 has suffer from poor plastic quality and bad quality control. However we are proud to announce that we have fixed and change some of our factory to greatly improve the product reliability and performance. I know my word of mouth could not once and for all be prove, but the fact is that with the addition of new Inopo AFM2 transmitter, the Price to value ratio is even higher then before.

2007.09.02, 09:29 PM
NanoDragon 2 is build with strength and toughness in mind. As you might have seen with the video, the NanoDragon 2 can race through different terrain with ease. However there has been some durability complain that is extremely typical of AWD chassis. The individual differential tends to have issue after prolong racing out door. Some of the reason might including jamming of foreign material into the drive train system. Causing all the dear to over work to over come to jam, or too many sudden front and back chassis movement. The fix is fairly easier, all you would have to do is replace the differential gear box which is available for sales. I would have to say that this does not happen too often with normal usage of the chassis. Some daily maintenance would prevent this from ever happening.

2007.09.02, 09:49 PM
nanodragons are awd? awesome!! im definitely getting one now. my little brother will too, so we can race. thanks for the diff tip too.

2007.09.02, 11:06 PM
Well, AWD 4WD it depends on how you define the word.
I tends to like to word AWD over 4WD. Due to the fact that 4WD gives me a sense that it can have different power ratio per wheel, yet AWD is all power to ALL wheel at typical setting.

~I should make a self correction.~
NanoDragon 2 uses AWD system, since it can not change the differential ratio between the each of the wheels. It deliver all power to all wheel at all time, not matter what the condition of the wheel is at.

4WD system has the ability to lock each of the differential putting more power to individual wheel when needed and the power ratio can be adjusted accordingly.

2007.09.03, 08:15 AM
However we are proud to announce that we have fixed and change some of our factory to greatly improve the product reliability and performance. I know my word of mouth could not once and for all be prove, but the fact is that with the addition of new Inopo AFM2 transmitter, the Price to value ratio is even higher then before.

How can you tell if you are getting the newer improved versions???

2007.09.03, 10:38 PM
Well first off, you should get it from ToyE@st. Since we are the only store that has the new improved versions on the market right now.

The new version has change some of it's color back to the second generations. It's now Black and gray instead of the original Dark gray and gray.

Please be aware that the older second generations Firelap 2.0 chassis has many issue with plastic and electronics that was resolved with later generations, please buy at your own risk.

Also the second generations comes with 3pm style transmitter and not the After market AFM2 transmitter.

To sum it all up,
1. Buy directly from ToyE@st.
2. Comes with AFM2 transmitter.
3. Black and gray color scheme for the chassis.

2007.09.04, 05:02 PM
I ordered a Firelap 2.0 back in february. It had some issues, but was still pretty good for the price. My Tx crapped out a couple of weeks ago. Based on your posts here (about updated quality) I just purchased 3 more ready sets (I and 2 of my friends). Should we expect to get the newer/better version?

2007.09.04, 09:05 PM
I'm sorry to hear that your transmitter fails on you.

The NanoRacer 2.0 that you will be receiving should be the newer version; I have heard that there is still some stock remaining from the older batch in the warehouse.

I would suggest that you inform me of your order ID thru email so I could help you follow up on your order, to ensure that you get the new versions.

2007.09.05, 04:53 PM
Well, I wish I would have asked before, so you could hook me up ;) It shipped out on the 30th, so Ill just keep my fingers crossed.

Will it be noticably different? I just looked online and the product pics are the same as the ones the were there when I bought before. Ill let you know what I think when I get it. I did a semi-review last time. I may do a real review for a different web site on this one. If I do Ill post it here as well.

2007.09.05, 08:40 PM
Well the plastic quality will be noticeably different consider that the past few versions suffers from cracks and fragile plastic. Also the Quality control will be much better so there will be less failure out of the box. hrdrvr, you properly would receive the new version since we only have fairly few old Firelap remaining. The out wise is fairly similar, just that the plastic is in different color and the quality is better.

I hope everything turns out fine when the shipment arrive. I'll be waiting for your review.

2007.09.18, 11:14 PM
From what i know, for NanoRacer2 the light grey chassis is the weak ones but not the dark grey chassis.

My friend ordered around 7 RTR's from toye@st and only 2 with dark grey chassis.

As for the nanodragon, i am a bit dissappointed about the center gearbox...it strips of on my first round.

Then the ESC/RX unit does not work.

i've bought some kyosho mini inferno metal gear but have no time to put in yet.

2007.09.18, 11:23 PM
I'm not quiet sure what has happen, but as far as I know we only have the dark grey version in our warehouse. It must have been our factory has mixed in different stock into the batch.
The gearbox has always been a weak point, even for Mini inferno. I believe it's just a chance that yours fail that soon.