View Full Version : Xmods Truck to monster

2007.09.02, 05:57 PM
I am in the process of converting my xmods truck into a monster truck like the mini-lst or rc-18t. I had some old aluminum lying around so i hacked it up a bit to make some of the parts. The mod basically lengthens dogbones and knuckles and replaces suspension. im only a little done. ill post some pics when im finished.

2007.09.10, 11:07 PM
its going along nicely. the front arms are done after a suspension mount redesign. the rear arms will be harder, but i think i have it worked out. the wheel mounting sys is done.whats left?
fabricating rear arms
dogbones (help! plz)
test run
maybe liths
ill post pix when i dont have as much hm :(