View Full Version : Any cons with using Duracell 1000 nMaH?

2007.09.03, 10:23 AM
I have been using Duracell for a while and I find it extremely fast. But however, I can see people using typical type of batteries for racing that are made by private companies. My question that I want to ask is the Duracell batteries good for the Mini-Z? Am I using the right batteries? :confused:

2007.09.03, 01:00 PM
I run them in my Xmods and Overland and they work just fine.

2007.09.03, 02:40 PM
You shouldn't have any problems w/the Duracell 1000's.. Some of the best AAA sized batteries out there.. Lots of power and they last a long time..

2007.09.03, 04:27 PM
no sure about the duracell, but they're AAA they're probably not gonna be any different than anything else you would buy off the shelf. I've never ran them, I've either ran energizers which held up well, GP's which were ok for a while but only lasted a couple season, I've also ran Intellects which right now I've only ran for half a season but for Stock they are the bomb of course that's my opinion, by far they have had the least resistance of any sell that I've ran so far and seem to provide the most punch

2007.09.06, 11:53 AM
I run them in some of my cars. They have good punch, and are VERY consistant from the beginning of a heat/main till the end. They are the heaviest batteries that I have used. I use different batteries with different cars depending on the balance that I want to use. On my MM cars I like to use lighter batteries, on RM or my F1 I like the Duracells. They are also good on the AWD, since you dont lose any punch throughout the run.

I used to run Intellects, but they are too finicky. I have tossed many of them recently since they no longer have the punch, and they do not work in my chargers (Duracell 30 min/Energizer 15 min) anymore (lights flash).

I use mainly Sanyo 800 (got them on a good sale), Atomic Mods 900, and Duracell 1000. While the Sanyos are not super punchy, they are the lightest cell that I have, and have good consistancy. I dont think that I am at any disadvantage with any of these cells. I just have to know what cells to use to meet minimum weight requirements and my preferred weight balance (which is more important to me than punch).

2007.09.07, 10:19 PM
I bit the bullet and bought 4 sets of duracell 1000s. The one thing I wanted to see is if I could get 1200-1300mah that I saw some people got out of their duracells.

I've refreshed 2 sets on my BC-900, and they are all in the 1020-1040 range. I'm happy with that, just gotta test it now on a modified car.

2007.09.07, 10:30 PM
I have duracell 900's and 1000's for a year and a half and they are still strong. I'm also not very fond of the intellects. They vented after a second charge and I don't think I will buy them again though they do have a good amount of punch but not worth buying a charger everytime they go bad. I would definetly say U are using the right batteries.