View Full Version : It's been fun

2007.09.06, 10:10 AM
I just wanted to let everyone know that i had a blast knowing and racing with you guys. The mini-z's are so addicting and fun.
Saturday i'm moving back home to New York, so no mini-z racing for me.
I'll keep in touch, via website.
Oh yeah,.. someone beat Hank this season. hahaha,cough,haha

2007.09.06, 12:02 PM
No more racing? I'm sure you can find some new people to race with. Don't give up!

2007.09.07, 10:57 AM
Sorry to see you go Jeff. It was nice meeting and racing with you! Also, you might not have to give up Mini Zs since it looks like quite a bit of active shops around that you could probably race at.

Good luck in New York :D

2007.09.07, 02:48 PM
Sorry to see you go, Jeff. Just when I decided to get back into Mini Z's. You were the one who was just enough faster to keep me pushing to catch you. Now I'm just going to get blown away by Hank and Patrick. Oh, well.

No more Mini Z racing? Want to sell the F1? I'll give you double what you have in it. :D

Good luck in NY.