View Full Version : mixed 4x2 stack of 3010 and 4562

2007.09.06, 08:45 PM
I had a stack of 2x2 3010 fets and decided to change to 4x2 2562 fet stack. In the process, I ended up having a short, removed all the fets and I almost tore off one of the feet on the board.

I was scared I might end up rendering the board completely useless. So, I just ended up with a 2x2 of 3010s, since i knew they worked, and added another 2x2 4562 fets on top(did trial and error to see which fets were still good)

Anyways, the board should handle more current, but will have just a tad more resistance compared to a 4x2 4562 fet stack correct? :confused:

thanks in adavcne :)