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2007.09.08, 03:55 PM
So I picked up this XMOD Evo Truck last year and walked out of the store with this in hand:

EVO F-150 Truck (yellow)
Offroad Kit
Bearing Kit
Suspension Tuning Kit
Blue F-150 Body Set

After I installed it all I drove it once or twice, decided it wasn't that great and it became a shelf queen...

Now I've changed my mind, and I have avant to thank for it! :D I've seen how relatively easy it is to mod the steering system and drop a servo motor in and have a pretty decent trail rig/crawler setup. So, I'm going to keep this thread up to date with pictures and how-to's on transforming my boring F-150 into a trail rig.

First chassis mod I have done succesfully is modify the suspesion with MZ OL shock screws. Pretty simple really. I installed the XMOD Offroad Kit, but left out the lift-up pieces that straddle the chassis and hold the knuckle kingpins and the top of the shocks. Using the stock ones with longer screws, like the screws in stock OL shocks (aka. OL shock shaft screws) allows the same lift and almost twice the suspension travel from the A-arms.

Granted, it isn't a ton of travel, but certainly better than stock and I'm aiming to keep this truck to scale, so no crazy body lifts for me. But, speaking of body lifts, I have lifted mine slightly just to get better tire clearance. You can also see in my pictures that there is a gap between the fender flare and front bumper. That is where I will trim the bumper to gain more clearance while turning with the suspension compressed.

Along with the pretty basic chassis mods, I will be constructing my own family-style roll cage/roof rack using arch's method of soldering brass, and I will make a custom front skid/brushguard setup using brass/aluminum. I've included pictures below of my truck and the proposed Cage/Brush Guard, the Cage will be different, that one is kinda the idea I have.

Bah! I'm done writing now, I'll post pictures as I go!

2007.09.10, 03:57 PM

Made the front and rear Brushguards today. I'm very pleased! Soldering brass is super easy and bending the brass for the right shape is pretty straighforward using only needle-nose pliers.

I'm very happy with the results, starting work on the cage/roof rack tomorrow! I'm going to paint them all flat black after I'm sure they are just right.

2007.09.10, 05:35 PM
looking good, i am going to get around to an X-truck build one of these days. I want to put a board from an 02 in if possible.....

2007.09.11, 10:42 AM
I might get crazy and use an HS-55 for both steering and motor, mini Spektrum and micro ESC. It's going to be a slow trail rig, and the steering is pretty whack with the XMOD setup, so I'm going to make a custom steering arm that doesn't give tons of tow-out when the suspension is compressed.

But for now I'm just going to use the stock XMOD board/servo and upgrade the steering arm. I'm also going to use the yellow springs, red are too soft and don't even hold the truck up, blue are a little stiff, but that's without batteries and the motor so I'll find out soon enough.

I'm starting the roll cage setup tonight, gotta get more brass stock from the hardware store after work and steal a soldering iron for the night. LOL

2007.09.11, 06:39 PM
Cage and Rack combo is done! Whoo, took me 2 1/2 hours to complete this one, and it was a challenge to get it straight. I think it looks pretty good, but I might cut the back section off, it looks to SUVish for me, but I'll leave it for awhile.

Now I might do some step bars/body guards, but that's a lot of brass on the body. Then they'll be taken off for paint! For now I'm going to actually make it able to move, lol. I'm going for the HS-55 motor install next, along with modifying the steering rack for better movement.

Check out the pics! I know they're fuzzy, I took them with my phone. :)

2007.09.12, 06:15 PM
New Cage setup, chopped the back piece off and added front suports to the fenders plus the KC lights. The front lights are final, I'm removing the chrome crossbar holding them together. Not glued yet, now I need to find a model and steal a jack, shovels and whatever else I can find to put on there!

Comments are welcome, this forum has died out way too much! It used to be rockin', c'mon guys, POST!!! LOL


2007.09.18, 07:37 AM
looking real nice Sky, I dig the KC lights

2007.09.20, 03:43 PM
Very cool project...good work on it! I haven't been around the new EVOs yet...how does the 4WD work on them? If it's anything like what the stock diffs. were on the Gen 1s then it probably sucks...which I'm guessing it does.

2007.09.25, 09:01 AM
I'm not sure yet, this truck hasn't been finished. I picked up a Titan the other day for super cheap and I'm going to do the same things to it. The AWD with just a stocker motor was ok, steering isn't the best, but I'm not building this to be any faster than 1/2 mph, lol.

2007.09.25, 10:26 AM
I'm not sure yet, this truck hasn't been finished. I picked up a Titan the other day for super cheap and I'm going to do the same things to it. The AWD with just a stocker motor was ok, steering isn't the best, but I'm not building this to be any faster than 1/2 mph, lol.
The chassis hang so low on the XMOD trucks, it's quite surprising they can even move! I'm sure all the extra weight doesn't help the cause either. I'd like to find one, but no RS has one in my area!! Plenty of upgrades around though.

2007.09.26, 11:45 AM
The center of my F-150 has aprox. 2cm ground clearance with 1.2ish cm in the center between the a-arms.

They crawl just fine AWD with locked diffs.