View Full Version : Formula Boat in the Pool

2007.09.09, 09:18 AM
4 1/2 minutes run time on a battery upgrade,Aquaspeed motor stock prop.
There is a small clip at a pond in the end of the video.
Sorry guys I had no time this year to make a water race track that I was going to do but at least I wanted to show the run time thats achievable. :cool:


(Windows Media Player)

Pond Video > >>>

2007.09.09, 10:01 AM
that looks very fast! have you tried the cat boats out now?

2007.09.09, 10:14 AM
Thanks Arch,I have one but can't seem to make the time to get her out on the water.
Did you get one?
I'm sure they can rip a hole in the water too. :rolleyes:
12 Boats all racing at once is something I want to see! :D

2007.11.09, 11:42 PM
I found these 2 videos online.
Kyosho Catamaran in a pool running 6.0v vs 7.4 lipo

http://youtube.com/watch?v=7yZSa-zJ7BI STOCK 6.0 volt

http://youtube.com/watch?v=eJ7urcplP0I LIPO 7.4 volt

With someone commenting on a concern for overheating, I suggest sticking with the stock propeller.