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2007.09.10, 06:23 PM
i have seen the name longsun on fl nanos on ebay. the name firelap isnt anywhere on the box, just lonsun. i have heard of other people getting lonsung instead of firelap. what the heck is longsun??

2007.09.10, 06:27 PM
ive seen a uk auction with the name longsun,asking for 15gbp over the normal price,all the inside pics look the same :confused:

2007.09.11, 12:54 AM
Sadly, I would have to say that Longsun is a clone of Firelap by a china factory.
You would noticed that Longsun does not come withe the new AFM2 transmitter and the quality and performance is no match to the new updated NanoRacer 2.0.
If you do see the Longsun shipping with AFM2 TX, please send me a email and let me know, then I would have to warn our factory not to see our AFM2 TX to other factory.

2007.09.11, 02:16 PM
Thank you. Now we all know not to buy any clone cloned crap off ebay. Ill stick to toy3ast.

2007.09.11, 09:38 PM
As you said, it's not is the quality going to be worst, but it's more expensive.
Also we will try to make speedy delivery and great customer service for all our customer.
(PS. you could always find me for help)