View Full Version : Official update on iwaver 03 and 05

2007.09.11, 02:38 AM
I would like to place an official announcement on iwaver 03 and 05.

iwaver 03 and 05 has been confirmed to be 1/24 and not 1/28.

2008.08.29, 12:47 PM
any news of the iwaver 03 buggy? or iwaver have no plans of releasing it into the market?

2008.08.31, 09:17 PM
iwaver 03 is coming, it should be release in the hoilday seasons of this year.

2008.11.06, 11:29 AM
Any news from iwaver for the 03 and 04 versions?

2008.11.06, 09:36 PM
What are the 03, 04, and 05's? 03 a buggy?

2008.11.07, 04:58 AM
03 - Buggy, like the mini inferno, but 1/24...
04M - AWD on road, like 02M
05 - Monster (I already have one, and it's really fun)

2009.02.20, 10:04 AM
What happend to Iwaver 03?
I was looking forward for it back in -07 when I first heard about it, but now it's -09 and still no sign of it?

2009.02.20, 09:16 PM
so the 03 is coming out holiday season that means xmas ...so that will be 2010 then 2011 or 2012 the 04 will come out.I don't think the 04 is never coming out.Can some company knock kyosho off there high horse with the 1:28 scale.

2009.02.21, 10:15 AM
Nope! I think Kyosho is KING of 1/28 and probably will be with all the models they have. First the MR01, MR02, MA010, Monster, Overland, F1, MR15, 2.4, they have pretty much covered everything in this scale and done it so well. I doubt anybody will top'em.

2009.08.04, 01:17 AM
is there any crawler conversion for 05?