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2007.09.12, 06:15 AM
Hi guys, would you be so kind to post some photos of your Overland with modified motors, for example LEMO SOLAR (Escap MU915L or Escap M915L) or other. There are some pics in the net of the Escap MU915L mounted vertically but I was not able to find any installation of the M915L (with the gold brass gear box).
Thank you

Giorgio :)

2007.09.16, 11:56 AM

That's avants' lemo-solar powered Overland in action.

2007.09.16, 12:08 PM
nice video. the upbeat music was nice to hear early in the am. :p

2007.09.16, 12:51 PM
LOL, I watched it this morning at 5:45 am MST....ya I'm nuts.

2007.09.20, 11:33 AM
That video? Completely awesome.

What would I have to do to my Overland (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=275538#post275538) to be able to crawl more like that? I don't really want to raise the shocks, but I'm not sure I have that kind of power right now and my shocks are way too stiff.

2007.09.25, 09:10 AM
Pretty much all you would have to do is get some swampers and install the lemo motor in you OL with a little mods....but the lemo isn't available in the US. :(

You might look into custom mounting an HS-55 servo in there, that's what I'm doing in two of my Xmod Trucks...keeping the OL for what it was for, haha, owning all the Xmods!

2007.09.25, 02:15 PM
^ Those tires look like cooldragon's dragon claws. They are far superior to any swampers or other off road tires Ive seen offered in this scale.