View Full Version : Lap Timing Using the Microsizer Timer

2007.09.14, 10:24 AM
After reading Spoon's "Cheap Lap Timer" article, I thought I'd found a cheap way to get HFAY quality timing with the Microsizer timer I already had. So I tried it out some last night (using my hand to break the beam) and discovered something irritating. When you select a lap race (as opposed to a timed race), it counts the first trip of the timer as the END of lap 1, not the beginning. It starts lap 1 when the start buzzer sounds. So if you select a 50 lap race, you will get the time for 49 laps plus a partial first lap. Admittedly, the difference is probably small, but if I'm going to go to the effort to get ranked in HFAY, I'd prefer NOT to have the first lap counted inaccurately. Is there any way to change this so that it doesn't start lap 1 until the first trip of the timer? Has anyone come up with a way to accurately time 50 laps using one of these timers?


2007.09.14, 11:07 AM
What if you started *just* in front of the lap timer. That should give you 99% of a full lap.

2007.09.14, 12:57 PM
You'd be *just* shy of an accurate time for lap 1. Spoon, I'm not slamming on your timer article. It's a great article, and I still plan on doing something similar with my Microsizer timer. Maybe it doesn't really matter. The time trials are based on the honor system anyway. What's the consensus? Is it acceptable to time an HFAY time trial in the way Spoon suggested?