View Full Version : Looky Here!!

2002.05.06, 04:12 PM
here's something I took when i was bored..... i will welcome any comments... hahahaha :D

BTW, the car's not a mini-z, just some model i have laying around.... enjoy!!

2002.05.06, 04:39 PM
AHHHH, A BMW where did u get that. Those rims r nice too. I do believe that Kyosho should make a M3 or M5. hehe:D

2002.05.06, 04:40 PM
Oh yah do u think those rims could fit a Z? hehe

2002.05.06, 04:44 PM
i bought it at the 2001 (or was it 2000? -- i forget) autoshow..... it's been sitting around in my display cabinet along with my other static models for quite a while.... so I decided to do something with it... the rims won't fit cuz it's a bit too big... the car is a 1/18 scale.... hehe....

if i can figure out how to use photoshop, i can probably put my picture beside that britney spears magnet along with the car... LOL....

Ken Mifune
2002.05.06, 06:43 PM
You seriously have a Britney frig mag? Please tell me you have a little sister.;)

2002.05.06, 08:54 PM
i knew u would say something like that... LOL.... yea, i do have a little sister, but the britney spears is not hers.... it's mine.... I won it at some CD buyoff.... its a "buy one CD, get a britney spears magnet free" hahaha....
here's another pic..... i used photoshop to put this one in.... BTW, i found the background somewhere on the internet..... it's not my background.... :D